Summit6 Playoffs (EU & NA) – June 30

     The European region lower bracket begins on Tuesday. North will be playing Heroic in the first match, with the winner moving on to play the loser of Fnatic/BiG. The second match will be between Ninjas in Pyjamas and Godsent. The winner of that match will take on the loser of Vitality/OG. We started out the playoff rough with a 1-3 record, losing 2.85 units. All of the plays were plus money, but the two unit banger on NiP really came back to hurt us. We’ll be looking to get some of that back with Tuesdays slate.

Summit6 Group: 6-6 (+1.1u)

Summit6 Playoffs: 1-3 (-2.85u)


Heroic (-300) vs North (-220) – 9:00am EST

     The opening match of the day is predicted to be the most lopsided Summit6 playoff match on the slate. Heroic is coming in to this match as a huge favorite against North, and rightfully so. North has been struggling a ton lately. Ever since the departure of Kjaerbye they’ve been going down hill. They played a good match against OG, but had a favorable map pool and still couldn’t get it done. That wont be the case against Heroic, as the map pool is stacked against North. Heroic uses their first ban on Overpass, which is Norths best map from a win percentage perspective. North will be able to use their regular first pick in Vertigo, but Heroic is 6-2 on Vertigo with a 16-4 win against North back in late May. Not much has changed since that matchup and Heroic won that series 2-0 after winning Train as well. Heroic could pick Nuke for their map pick this time around and would be able to find a dominant win quite easily. I think this match ends in a 2-0, and I’m thrilled to see -1.5 at plus money. If Heroic drop the first map I will most likely look to get them live around even money to get the reverse sweep and my unit back. That play will be tweeted if it comes.

Miner’s Money Pick: Heroic -1.5 (+110)


Ninjas in Pyjamas (-250) vs Godsent (+185) – 12:00pm EST

     Godsent and NiP find themself in the first round of the lower bracket after each suffering 2-0 losses in the opening round of the playoffs. NiP’s match was much more competitive than Godsents. NiP is coming into this match in better form, but I don’t know if its enough to warrant them being such a heavy favorite. This map pool wont favor either side too heavily, as they share similar map picks, having Overpass and Vertigo as their two most picked maps. I expect to see each of those maps in the pool, but there’s a chance Godsent picks Nuke/Dust2 and leaves either Overpass or Vertigo to be the eventual tie breaker. If Nuke isn’t banned first by NiP, I would expect to see Godsent win that map. The teams would be much more evenly matched on Dust2. 

      My play for this match is going to be on the over. I think there is a good chance that these teams split the first two maps. Each of these teams have had over 50% of their best of three series go to a third map in the past three months, with NiP having a 64% rate. NiP has a deeper map pool and I believe should be able to get the win come the third map, but I don’t see any value on their side pregame. Theres a little bit of value to be found on Godsent if Nuke can work its way in to the map pool.  NiP to win exactly 2-1 at +225 seems like a good bet if Godsent picks Dust2, but I’ll be waiting to see how the map pool shapes up before I get on either side. Be sure to check the twitter (@MoneyMiner_) to catch that play along with any other live spots that may pop up. 

Miner’s Money Pick: o2.5 maps (+115)


Liquid (-200) vs 100 Thieves (+160) – 5:00pm EST

     100 Theives and Liquid will open up the North American region playoffs on Tuesday. This will be the fourth time these two teams meet for a best of three series since the switch to online play. Liquid has won all of the three previous series by a 2-0 score line. I was riding Liquid in almost all of those meetings considering they have dominated 100T throughout the past couple of years. I think for this meeting it is time to jump sides. This is a perfect sell high spot for Liquid after they finally found a win over Furia. Everybody is assuming all of their issues are gone, but realistically they’re still just 6-6 in series since DreamHack. I think 100Ts coach may be the answer for them finally finding a win over Liquid in 2020 as well. After seeing Liquid just two weeks back, I expect 100T to come prepared with a strategy that will put them in a position to win. I imagine the players want this pretty badly as well. The public should be all over Liquid in this match, so wait until just before tip off to make your play on 100T. We’ll be zigging, while everyone else zags.

Miner’s Money Pick: 100 Thieves (+160)



  • 2T-PARLAY: Faze and G2 money lines (-145) to win a unit 
    • Both of these teams should come out motivated enough to find wins. They could each use the RMR points for the major. 
  • FaZe -1.5 (+130) vs Ence 
    • There is value at plus money. The series was close the last time these two teams met, but Ence will be playing with xSeveN instead of Jamppi in this meeting. Ence wont have an advantage on their map pick either… I think FaZe get a 2-0 here. (And I’m currently a fade Faze guy)

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