OWL Week 14 Betting Odds

The Week 14 odds are in and there is some great value to be had out there, with 12 matches this weekend (5/9 – 5/10)!  Not surprisingly, the books have not posted anything for the Titans matches since there is so much uncertainty around the squad.  For those of you that have not been following, the Titans were a top 3 team last season, but have been dealing with camp issues that have led too their best Tank player and coach leaving the team last week, with rumors swirling that more are soon to be jumping ship.  This is all coming after two embarrassing losses their last time out.  We will be watching closely if any news breaks before the matches this week or if the books place any lines out there as this is a great week to bet against the dysfunctional Titans if the value is there.

Like we mentioned yesterday, the main data point we are looking at is how teams managed with Echo in the matches last week.  There were a few players that looked great on her including eqo on the Fusion, Doha on the Fuel and Adora on the Sark.  Here is how all the Echo players looked last week:


Here are the odds posted this week.  Of note, there are four 2.5 spreads this week, so get ready for some one-sided matches.  The books are calling the Eternal vs the Gladiators to be the closest match up of the week, closely followed by Hunters vs Spitfire.  Speaking of the Spitfire, this is their first return to action since Week 4, which was before Hero Bans and before Echo, so there it will be interesting to see if they have improved after their rough start.  Look for our analysis and picks as the week goes on:


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