Overwatch League Week 25 – Favorite Bets of the Week

Hero Bans: Widowmaker, Mei, Orisa and Ana


Dallas Fuel (6-8) vs Boston Uprising (2-15)

Saturday 7/25 at 7:00 PM EST

Fun fact, 7 of the 9 NA Region matches were 3-0 sweeps last week, and with no new patch or hero ban this week I don’t see why the trend won’t continue.  The Uprising simply do not have a reliable Genji player right now and look lost in the current meta.  They got shut out in both of their matches last week and have lost their last 7, so I am surprised to see the -2.5 for Dallas is a + play.  While I love Jerry as their hit scan, and Myunbong as the main healer, Colourhex has not looked comfortable on the Genji and Halo has struggled at flex support.  The tank line has looked better with the addition of Punk alongside Fusions, but they still lack the coordination to compete in this Genji Dive playstyle.  Dallas meanwhile stole our money last week with a reverse sweep against the Outlaws in what overall was a sloppy match.  They have looked solid in this Genji meta though going 2-1 with the only loss being a decent match against the Eternal.  Doha has proven himself on the Genji and we all know Decay can carry this team by himself.  The additions of OniGod and Paintbrush have added depth to this team and this meta works well for their playstyle.

Bet: Dallas Fuel -2.5 (+120)



LA Gladiators (7-6) vs Paris Eternal (14-6)

Sunday 7/26 at 3:00 PM EST

After looking abysmal in the current patch and getting knocked out of the Summer Showdown by the Washington Justice, the Gladiators actually looked solid last week in an easy 3-0 sweep of the Vancouver Titans.  That being said, beating the Titans is nothing to get excited about, and I am not convinced the Gladiators have quite figured out this Genji composition yet.  While Winston being a popular choice at main tank works great for OGE, his teamwork and timing with Space has still been lacking and a well-coached team like the Eternal should be able to exploit this.  The addition of Kevster give them some much needed fire power in the Damage line up, but it is nothing compared to what the Eternal have in Sparkle, Soon and Xzi.  Speaking of the Eternal, they have been dominant since Genji became a mainstay with his buffs a month ago, having won 7 in a row now, and getting shut outs in their last 2.  With the current Hero Bans making the matches even more one sided, this should be an easy 3-0 as long as they get the win on the Control Map. Tune in to this one to watch Sparkle give a Genji tutorial.

Bet: Paris Eternal -2.5 (+135)

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