Overwatch League Summer Showdown – Round 1 Qualifiers Betting Preview

Hero Bans – Sombra, Echo, D. Va and Brigitte


The Summer Showdown qualifier matches start this Saturday!  It appears the OWL execs liked the hype that May Mayhem created and have decided to do it again.  The Summer showdown essentially mimics the format of May Mayhem with one interesting enhancement.  That being, there is yet another format change in the ban system, as the bans will now last 2 weeks at a time, with no Hero Bans the weeks leading up to the Summer Showdown.  This means for the matches this week and next, we will not be seeing any of Sombra, Echo, D. Va or Brigitte.  Or in other words, probably no one running a Dive compensation any time soon.  Expect double Shield or Brawl depending on the Map type.  For the Damage Heroes the stats tell us to expect a LOT of Mei, along with Hanzo, Tracer and McCree.  While Mei will for sure be featured, I think with the recent resurgence of Ashe as the premier hit scan hero, we will likely see more of her than Hanzo or McCree.  While you could still Dive with Tracer and Doomfist, I think this is less likely without D. Va to play with and might just be used as a change up on certain map types.  On the outdoor maps with long sightlines we might get some Widowmaker or Pharah as well.  In general, I think it is a pretty open Hero Pool from the Damage side, as flankers and snipers can still find value, just don’t expect the strategy to be Dive.


For the Support Heroes, expect to see a little of everything.  The main feature will definitely be Lucio, but while the stats suggest Moria might get play time I think her recent nerfs will make Baptiste or Ana more desirable, especially since Dive won’t be very prevalent.  Zenaytta and Mercy also can fit in depending on the map, or as counter picks.


For the Tank line, no D. Va means, double shield will be the popular option.  I expect to see a lot of Orisa and Sigma, or Reinhart and Zarya combos.  Personally, I really hope a team goes for a Wrecking Ball and Winston Dive composition since Brigette it out, but with no Echo or Sombra I really doubt it, would just be so fun the watch though (looking at you, Hunters).


With so many transactions taking place, and players getting old enough to join the league during the break, there is going to be a lot of solid picks this week.  Damage All Star Architect is out of quarantine and can now play for the Spark where he will likely get the start ahead of Adora (huge upgrade).  Damage Sensation Sparkle is now old enough to play for the Eternal and should start over Nicoch.  Arguably the best player on the second-best team in the league last year (Haksal) has signed with the NYXL.  The Justice have gone all Korean by dropping Ellivote and signing Stich and Janu to long term deals (they had previously parted ways with Corey and Stratus).  Boston Uprising signed another main tank in Mikeyy, who just might earn a start over Fusions.  The Fuel just acquired Support player Paintbrush, though it remains to be seen if he will start for them consistently.  I am sure I missed some, but you get the idea: lots of change means lots of value.  There will be 8 matches with weekend with the books calling the closest match the Reign vs the Gladiators, with the Gladiators at -185 favorites.  Ignoring the few obvious blowouts, I think there is some serious value in the underdogs this week.  Boston has been resurgent of late and might be ready for a signature win.  The Fuel likely love this hero ban week and the NYXL have Haksal now.  Look for our final picks along with our Value pick of the week in the next few days, but here are the odds as of 6/9:

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