NBA 2K20 Tournament Quarterfinal Recap #NBA2KTourney

The Quarterfinals of the 2K Tournament are now over and we have our final four teams set. My prediction of Patrick Beverley over Devin Booker in the final still looks like the most obvious outcome at this point. As I discussed on Wednesday, offshore bookmakers stopped accepting bets for the 2K Tournament , although I haven’t seen any results leak to the public. It’s a bummer that we can’t get any action on these games any more. 



#5 Devin Booker vs. #13 Rui Hachimura 

Devin Booker is nasty at 2K. I expected him to win this game, but I was still a little surprised at how good he looked. Booker played as the Dallas Mavericks while Hachimura chose the Los Angeles Clippers. Luka Doncic is way overpowered in 2K right now, so the Mavericks are even better in 2K than they are in real life. We haven’t seen any players choose the Mavs prior to this game, but with Doncic at 96 overall, I can see the argument for choosing them. A team that can shoot like the Mavericks can be a problem in 2K. The team selection didn’t matter much in the end either way, as Booker was playing on another level. He has such a great feel for the game and is playing like a professional gamer, at least from a strategy perspective. I originally predicted Booker to lose in the finals, but I may need to rethink that after another dominant performance. Final Score: Booker 71 – Hachimura 55


#8 Montrezl Harrell vs. #16 Derrick Jones Jr.

Harrell and Jones are both solid at 2K, but I put them in a tier below Booker and Beverley. Montrezl chose the Portland Trail Blazers while Derrick went with the Dallas Mavericks. This was an interesting choice by Harrell, and this is the first time anybody has played at the Blazers. Damian Lillard is near unstoppable in 2K at 94 overall, so I don’t hate this pick completely. Still, I think that Portland shouldn’t be a consideration, because you really don’t need to dip that far into the well for this short of a tournament. There are many better teams to choose from. Harrell was in control for pretty much the entire game. He never really blew Jones out though. He should give Booker a tough game in the next round, but this may be the end of the road for Montrezl. Final Score: Harrell 71 – Jones Jr. 66


#6 Andre Drummond vs. #14 Patrick Beverley 

This is the game I was looking forward to the most, as I am #TeamPatBev right now. I do have future bet on him to win this thing, and I still don’t know if that’s a live bet anymore or what. So I might as well just act like it’s a live bet and root for Beverley. Chances are, if the bet loses, they’ll take my money, even though all bets were suspended afterwards. Beverley chose the Philadelphia 76ers and Drummond played as the Milwaukee Bucks. This was an unexpected pick from Beverley. He chose the 76ers to match up with Giannis and the Bucks, which does make some sense. I still think there are better teams to choose but a good spin zone for me is that Beverley is saving better teams for the championship. This game was closer than I would have liked it to be for #TeamPatBev. Drummond played well and actually took the lead going into the 4th at 46-45 with a buzzer beater. Beverley stepped up in the 4th quarter though and gave his investors some confidence back. Booker will be tough to beat (if both players make it to the finals), but I still have faith in Pat Bev. Final Score: Beverley 69 – Drummond 62


#2 Trae Young vs. #10 Deandre Ayton

I knew this game would be a battle. Trae chose to play as the Lakers and Deandre chose the Clippers – two standard teams for this stage of the tournament. This one was fun to watch the players interactions, as they told stories and seemed to be having a good time. Ayton and Young were in the same 2018 NBA Draft Class. At one point, Ayton said that Trae and Landry Shamet were the two best shooters from that draft class. That’s not an outrageous thing to say. Luka Doncic is in that draft class, but in terms of pure shooting you could argue that Young and Shamet are better. Ayton looked pretty good in this one, and was able to keep Young out of reach in the second half. I wasn’t overly impressed with either player, and I do think they will have a tough time against Beverley in the next match-up, regardless of my future. Final Score: Ayton 73 – Young 66


The Semifinals and Finals will both air on ESPN on Saturday 04/11/2020 at 5 PM ET. #5 Devin Booker will play #8 Montrezl Harrell and #14 Patrick Beverley will play #10 Deandre Ayton. Booker and Beverley are the clear best two players in this tournament in my opinion, so let’s see if they can meet up in the championship. 


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