NBA 2K20 Tournament Quarterfinal Picks #NBA2KTourney

The first round of the NBA 2K Tournament is over and i’ve gotten a good look at everyone’s ability. Unfortunately, Vegas is in the same boat, so these lines should be more accurate. Still, I think there is some decent value to be found and regardless I will be betting on this because that’s what my life come to. I don’t think that team selection is too much of a factor at this point, since the players have only chose 1 team so far. After a few games, it will be important to see which teams the players still have available. The lines haven’t come out at this point (I’ll update the blog once they come out on my book), but here are my thoughts on these matchups:

#5 Devin Booker vs. #13 Rui Hachimura

Rui looked pretty good in his first game, with a close win over Donovan Mitchell. However, Devin Booker looked even stronger in his first game against Michael Porter Jr. My money will be on Booker to win this one, and hopefully the point spread will be small. Booker just looked solid in his first game and was calling high level plays on offense. I think I don’t see Hachimura being able to keep up, but I could see this one being close. My predicted line: Devin Booker -5

#6 Andre Drummond vs. #14 Patrick Beverley 

Drummond and Beverley both cruised to easy victories in the first round. While both of them looked strong, Beverley’s opponent (Hassan Whiteside) looked stronger than Drummond’s opponent (DeMarcus Cousins). Beverley actually looked like the best player in the tournament in my opinion. I think Drummond will be one of his harder challenges, but I still see Beverley winning the whole thing. Beverley over Booker in the final game makes the most sense to me. My predicted line: Patrick Beverley -7 

#2 Trae Young vs. #10 Deandre Ayton

Trae probably had the easiest matchup in the first round against Harrison Barnes. Barnes was bad. Trae looked like he could play, but he was basically playing on pro mode against the computer for that game. Deandre had a more impressive win, holding LaVine to 41 points in his first round matchup. This game is an absolute toss up to me. I think this game could be really close and may come down to just a few possessions. I’ll probably bet on whoever the underdog is, which will probably be Ayton. My predicted line: Trae Young -2 

#8 Montrezl Harrell vs. #16 Derrick Jones Jr.

Harrell looked good in his first round win over Domantas Sabonis, but he didn’t show me anything special. I’ve said before that the seeding is basically arbitrary, but Jones Jr. was the #16 in a 16 person field, so credit to him for still being in this thing. He actually did look pretty good in his first round matchup against Kevin Durant. I don’t have too much of a feeling either way on this game, but I’ll probably take Jones Jr. if he is only a small favorite to win this one. My predicted line: Derrick Jones Jr. -3

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