LPL/LEC/LCS Betting Picks & Predictions – Saturday August 29th, 2020



FunPlus Phoenix vs. Invictus Gaming – 5:00AM ET

Moneyline Odds: Invictus Gaming (-165) | FunPlus Phoenix (+135)

Map Handicap: Invictus Gaming -1.5 (+130) | FunPlus Phoenix +1.5 (-160)


The winner of this match will face off against LGD Gaming for the final LPL slot left in this year’s World Championship. Invictus Gaming finished the Summer Split in 3rd place with a 12-4 record, but they quickly got eliminated from the playoffs after getting swept by LGD Gaming in the Quarterfinals. IG seemed to really improve their level of play after they locked in Baolan as their support. On July 10th, Baolan was in the starting lineup for the entire series against eStar, and from then on Invictus Gaming rattled off 6 wins in a row, including impressive performances against Top Esports & Victory Five. TheShy has continued to be aggressive in top lane finishing with the 3rd highest Damage Per Minute in the LPL for the Summer Split, while Rookie finished with the 4th highest DPM, so it has been a pretty balanced attack from IG. Their loss in the playoffs was mainly due to LGD playing exceptionally well, so I’m not at all worried about IG moving forward.

FunPlus Phoenix finished the split in 8th place with a 9-7 record and they’ve seemed a bit off for the Summer Season. Thus, it was no surprise that they lost in the 1st round of the playoffs against Victory Five. This team faced Invictus Gaming earlier in the split in a competitive series that went 3 games, but IG came out on top. With Worlds in mind, it would be silly to completely count FPX out in this spot and we will likely see them at their best. Still, I think these odds are a bit generous and I think IG should be a much heavier favorite. Invictus has been the far superior team for the entire summer and they have the best chance of making a run at Worlds if they do end up qualifying. I’ll be taking IG moneyline for this series and will likely take the same bet against LGD Gaming if Invictus wins here. I’ll make sure to tweet that bet out @TonyLavenderML 👍


Bet: Invictus Gaming Moneyline (-165) [3 UNITS]




G2 vs. Fnatic – 11:00AM ET

Moneyline Odds: G2 (-305) | Fnatic (+245)

Map Handicap: G2 -1.5 (-135) | Fnatic (+105)

I’m not betting this Semifinals match-up, but I can’t wait to watch, especially since teams both finally seem to be locked in. Note: Both teams already have a spot in Worlds. If you believe in Fnatic, then maybe there’s some value there, plus it’s the LEC so anything can happen. Personally, I’m just going to stay away from betting and enjoy this one as a fan.





Cloud9 vs. Team SoloMid – 4:00PM ET

Moneyline Odds: Cloud9 (-330) | Team SoloMid (+260)

Map Handicap Cloud9 -1.5 (-140) | Team SoloMid +1.5 (+110)


TSM and C9 will face off to advance to the next round of the playoffs, but more importantly the winner will also qualify for the final LCS slot left in Worlds. Team SoloMid got swept by Golden Guardians to start the playoffs and then had to face them again after sweeping Team Dignitas. In their 2nd playoff series against GG, TSM fought back from being down 2-0 and reverse swept Golden Guardians to advance to where they are now. There are so many champions that feel broken when Bjergsen plays as them, and you can’t ban them all, but it seems like Zilean should be an auto-ban especially after the masterful performance from Bjergsen in Game 5 of that series.

Cloud9 came into the Summer Split as the favorite but they were sloppy in the 2nd half of the season. They lost their first playoff series to FlyQuest, but then managed to sweep Evil Geniuses in their most recent series. EG did not play a perfect series, but Cloud9 impressed me when they battled back from a huge deficit in Game 3. I still believe that Cloud9 is the best team in the LCS, even better than Team Liquid, and they seem determined to at least make it to Worlds. The mistakes that C9 makes are usually them being overaggressive and trying to punish their opponents too frequently. Zven has had the highest Damage Per Minute for the LCS 2020 Summer Playoffs and Licorice has had the 3rd highest, and this team can be really scary when they play at their best. I still see a ton of upside even with Cloud9 as this heavy of a favorite and I’ll be taking the C9 -1.5 map handicap. TSM might manage to steal 1 game off of a Bjergsen backdoor or something, but a focused Cloud9 team should dominate otherwise. I will say that C9 has not been a profitable team to bet on for the Summer Season, so I would probably be careful about betting too heavy on this team.


Bet: Cloud9 -1.5 Map Handicap (-140) [2 UNITS] 

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