LPL 2020 Summer Split – Betting & DFS Preview – Monday June 8th, 2020

Victory Five vs. Oh My God – 5:00AM ET

eStar Gaming vs. LGD Gaming – 7:00AM ET

Betting Record (3-3, -1.46 units) – LPL 2020 Summer Split


Victory Five vs. Oh My God – 5:00AM ET

Moneyline Odds: Oh My God (-175) | Victory Five (+145)

Map Handicap: Victory Five -1.5 (-222) | Oh My God (+168)

Projected Lineups

V5: TOP – BiuBiu | JNG – Weiwei | MID – Mole | ADC – SamD | SUP – Ppgod

OMG: TOP – Curse | JNG – H4cker | MID – icon | ADC – SmLz | SUP – cold


A new season means new beginnings for Victory Five, as they have now started the Summer Split 1-0 after failing to win a single series in the Spring. V5 swept Dominus Esports on Saturday with an excellent performance from the whole team, particularly SamD. I think that Mole will keep improving during the Summer Split since his supporting cast is now much better. My last note on Victory Five is that my new favorite support in the LPL is Ppgod based solely on his name, but also, he did do his job to perfection in his first appearance with the team which was promising. Oh My God really struggled against Royal Never Give Up in their first series of the split. Nobody on their team played well, and icon did not contribute anything in mid lane. OMG has an easier match-up in this spot, but I am surprised to see that they are such a big favorite. Oh My God will be going with Curse in the top lane this time, as opposed to Aliez, who previously played for Victory Five. They started Curse in their 2nd game against Royal Never Give Up, and he did do a better job of controlling the lane, but Biubiu should be able to handle either of these opponents.

My favorite bet is to take Victory Five Moneyline (+145). This V5 team is trending in the right direction, although they will likely still need some more experience playing together before they can make a run at the playoffs. This team is much different than the one we saw in the Spring Season, and this may mean there is some early value on them since they haven’t yet demonstrated much success. I think Mole (MID) is a great DFS play on Draftkings & Fanduel, and his ownership could be low with OMG as the favorite.

Bet:  Victory Five Moneyline (+145) [1 UNIT]
Favorite DFS Play: Mole (MID)


eStar Gaming vs. LGD Gaming – 7:00AM ET

Moneyline Odds: eStar (-115) | LGD Gaming (-105)

Map Handicap: LGD Gaming +1.5 (-333) | eStar +1.5 (+248)

Projected Lineups

EST: TOP – Xiaobai| JNG – Wei | MID – Fenfen | ADC – Wink | SUP – ShiauC

LGD: TOP – Garvey | JNG – Peanut | MID – xiye | ADC – Kramer | SUP – Mark

We’ll get our first look at both of these teams in the Summer Split in this match-up. After finishing 5th place in the Spring Season, eStar lost 3-1 to Team WE in the first round of the playoffs. This team looked like they had a lot of potential, so I wasn’t thrilled with the way the season ended for them. They lost 4 of their last 6 series which really hurt their seeding for the playoffs. Fenfen, who recently played for LGD, is now the mid laner for eStar. LGD now has xiye, the young mid laner who last played for Dominus Esports, along with Garvey back on their main roster. LGD Gaming was one of the worst teams in the LPL in the Spring Season, with a 5-11 series record. The last time these teams played was back on March 12th, 2020, when eStar won 2-0. This series was actually pretty close and LGD finished with the kill lead in game 1.

I think we will see an improvement for LGD Gaming in the Summer, while eStar is likely to regress. I think that xiye will be a good fit on this LGD roster and I give them a slight edge in this match-up. They are currently a small underdog against eStar, which means I see good value on LGD. My favorite bet is to take LGD Gaming Moneyline (-105). I wouldn’t be shocked to see this go 3 games, but I think LGD has the potential to win 2-0. My favorite DFS play is xiye (MID), and I also think Peanut is the best jungler on the slate. I’m going to take a stand in DFS and load up much heavier on LGD, so hopefully they can come through with a win! On MonkeyKnifeFight, my favorite prop bet is More – xiye (MID) – 11.5 Kills & Less – Wink (ADC) – 12.5 Kills.

Bet: LGD Gaming Moneyline (-105) [1 UNIT]
Favorite DFS Play: xiye (MID)
Favorite MKF Prop Bet: More - xiye (MID) - 11.5 Kills & Less - Wink(ADC)- 12.5 Kills




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