LCS Summer Split – Betting Preview – Sunday July 5th, 2020

Betting Record (24-12, +6.81 units) – LCS 2020 Summer Split

Cloud9 vs. Team Dignitas – 4:00PM ET

Team Liquid vs. FlyQuest – 5:00PM ET

Team SoloMid vs. CLG – 6:00PM ET

Evil Geniuses vs. Immortals – 7:00PM ET



Cloud9 (7-0) vs. Team Dignitas (0-7) – 4:00PM ET

Moneyline Odds: Cloud9 (-1600) | Team Dignitas (+750)

Bet: Cloud9 -10.5 Kills (-115) [1 UNIT]

Why I Like It: For Cloud9, it’s the same story as usual: They’re definitely going to win so don’t bet against them, but their moneyline odds offer no upside so it isn’t worth betting on them either. A $100 bet on C9 moneyline would net you $6 profit if they won. I’m going to be taking the -10.5 kill spread, meaning Cloud9 will need to finish with at least 11 more kills than Team Dignitas for this bet to cash. Dignitas is the worst team in the LCS at 0-7, and Cloud9 has won by at least 11 kills in 5 of their 7 matches, so another blowout seems highly likely. I could see Cloud9 really experimenting in this draft because this is such an easy win for them, but I still think this bet is worth taking.


Team Liquid (5-2) vs. FlyQuest (5-2) – 5:00PM ET

Moneyline Odds: Team Liquid (-130) | FlyQuest (-105)

Bet: FlyQuest Moneyline (-105) [2 UNITS]

Why I Like It: I think that FlyQuest is the better team, and they are also on blue side for this match. Blue side has now won 58.33% of the time through 36 LCS matches, and FlyQuest is undefeated on blue side so far for the 2020 Summer Split. This should be an intense match, but combining those statistics with the fact that I already give an edge to FlyQuest makes this bet a no brainer to me at these odds.  



Team SoloMid (5-2) vs. CLG (4-3) – 6:00PM ET

Moneyline Odds: Team SoloMid (-225) | CLG (+160)

Bet: CLG Moneyline (+160) [1 UNIT]

Why I Like It: We’re getting great odds on CLG against a good TSM team that might be a little overrated at the moment. CLG has a real chance to win and they also have the advantage of blue side. Counter Logic Gaming has looked like a team poised for the playoffs, and I think they could even get into the winners’ bracket by finishing in at least 6th place. Team SoloMid has looked solid for the most part, but they have shown weakness at times, like in their match against 100 Thieves that they should’ve lost. Anything could happen here, so give me the +160 underdog every time.



Evil Geniuses (4-3) vs. Immortals (1-6) – 7:00PM ET

Moneyline Odds: Evil Geniuses (-675) | Immortals (+400)

Bet: Immortals Moneyline (+400) [0.5 UNIT]

Why I Like It: I wasn’t planning on betting against Evil Geniuses, but my hands are tied with these odds. EG is not enough of a dominant force to be this heavy of a favorite. This is just a small half unit play for me, so I wouldn’t go crazy on Immortals. This won’t be easy for Immortals, but they do have some potential to win and I think they are worth a gamble as a huge underdog, especially on blue side.


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