European Masters 2020 Spring – Knockout Stage Quarterfinals Betting Preview – May 05, 2020

AGO ROGUE vs. mousesports – 12:00PM ET

LDLC OL vs. BT Excel – 3:00PM ET


On this slate, we have the start of the Knockout Stage for the European Masters 2020 Spring Main Event, with 8 teams remaining. The 1st place teams and 2nd place teams from the Group Stage are matched up against each other in these best-of-3 series, and it is single elimination from here on out. The DFS slate on Fanduel and Draftkings is a little less juicy than normal for League of Legends, but there are still some plays I like. I will also discuss my favorite moneyline bets, map handicap bets, and prop bets on MonkeyKnifeFight.  



AGO ROGUE vs. mousesports – 12:00PM ET

Moneyline: mousesports -185

Map Handicap: +1.5 AGO ROGUE -210


My favorite pick to win the Finals is mousesports and I think they should be a bigger favorite in this spot. They dominated Group D and took 1st place with a 5-1 record. Their one loss in the Group Stage came against Fnatic Rising, who is probably the second-best team in the Quarterfinals behind mousesports, now that FC Schalke 04 Evolution has been eliminated. AGO ROGUE did look impressive after earning the 2nd place spot in Group B over Vodafone Giants in a tiebreaker, but I can’t see them winning even a single game against mousesports. I think that mousesports moneyline -185 is an absolute lock and I am going to hammer it. I will also play the -1.5 map handicap for mousesports at +170, but I’ll be a little less heavy on this bet. I think there is such good value on these bets, and I am really surprised that mousesports is not a heavier favorite.

I’m going to take a stand in DFS and stack mousesports in every lineup. It’s typically a good idea to diversify your entries a bit, but I will not have many entries into these contests due to their smaller-than-normal prize pools, so I think it makes sense to go just one direction. My favorite play is Obsess (JNG) who is pretty cheap at only $6,800 on Fanduel, and $9,000 on Draftkings. I also really like LIDER (MID) and Jeskla (ADC) as well. My favorite play on MonkeyKnifeFight is to take MORE – 70.5 Fantasy Points – Obsess (JNG) and LESS – 60.5 Fantasy Points – Czekolad. Obsess should be able to exceed this point total easily in a 2-0 sweep, or a 2-1 win for mousesports. Also, this is a tough match-up for AGO, so I expect Czekolad’s assist total to be lower than we’ve seen recently, which is why I like taking the under on his fantasy point projection.




LDLC OL vs. BT Excel – 3:00PM ET

Moneyline: LDLC OL -115

Map Handicap: +1.5 BT Excel -320


LDLC OL is a slight favorite in a match-up against BT Excel that should be intense. LDLC OL won Group B in a tiebreaker with a 4-2 record, while BT Excel took 2nd place in Group A in a tiebreaker with a 3-3 record. The winner will likely face mousesports in the Semifinals, which would be a difficult win, so I don’t expect either of these teams to make a run to the Finals. This is a bit of a toss-up, but I do give LDLC OL the edge in this spot. Coming into the European Masters, I considered LDLC OL to be a better team than BT Excel, and nothing I saw in the Group Stage changed my opinion. My favorite pick for this match-up is to take LDLC OL moneyline -115. I think there is pretty good value here at close to even money. A 2-0 sweep is a definite possibility, so I don’t mind taking the -1.5 map handicap at longshot odds, but personally I am just betting moneyline.  

For DFS, it’s tough to feel comfortable stacking only one of these teams since this match-up could go either way. I’m going to be heavier on LDLC OL, but I will probably have a small amount of BT Excel ownership with my mousesports stacks. My favorite DFS play on the slate is to take Bando (TOP) because this should be an easy match-up against Send0o (TOP) in top lane. YellOwStaR (SUP) is one of my favorite support players from a fan perspective, but he typically does not rack up a lot of fantasy points, so I prefer KaSing (SUP) as the cheaper option at the support position. If you are stacking BT Excel, then I would definitely make sure to include Special (MID).



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