Dominus Esports vs. JD Gaming – League of Legends LPL Betting Preview 04/17/2020

Dominus Esports vs. JD Gaming – LPL – Friday, April 17 2020 5:00 AM ET

Both of these teams are red hot coming into this match-up. Dominus Esports (DMO) has won their last 3 series and currently sit at 14th in the LPL 2020 Spring Standings with a series record of 6-9. JD Gaming (JDG) is the winner of 5 series in a row, and have an overall series record of 10-4, which is good enough for 4th place in the standings. 

JD Gaming is rightfully a big favorite to win this match-up, with moneyline odds of -550. They are favored to cover the -1.5 spread with odds of -150, which is my favorite bet on this slate. Despite the recent success of DMO, I think JDG should easily cover the spread and win in 2 games, and are worth betting at -150 odds, which would be an implied probability of 60%. If we look at the teams that Dominus Esports has faced recently, their wins are not very impressive. They started this 3 series win streak with an easy W over Victory Five, who is the last place team in the LPL and has an 0-15 record for the 2020 Spring Season. They also beat Suning (13th place, 6-9) and then had a solid win over Royal Never Give Up (7th place, 8-7). It’s certainly promising for them that they are playing well right now, but it would be surprising for them to continue with it against top competition. On the other hand, JD Gaming’s current 5 series win streak includes solid wins over Invictus Gaming (1st place, 12-2) and eStar (3rd place, 11-5). The last 4 series for JDG have all been 2-0 sweeps, and I think they will continue that trend in this match-up. Yagao (MID) is definitely the player I want to target the most in daily fantasy, as he has one of the highest ceilings, with LokeN (ADC) as my second favorite. I think that all of the JDG starters have good upside in this match-up, and I would stay away from everybody on DMO. 

Favorite MonkeyKnifeFight Pick

As I mentioned above, I like targeting the JDG players and fading the DMO players for daily fantasy. For MonkeyKnifeFight, my strategy will consist of playing JDG overs and DMO unders. Yagao is my favorite to put up a monster score, but his More or Less fantasy point contest is with GALA (ADC) of DMO. GALA is probably the strongest player for Dominus Esports, at least from a fantasy perspective, so I don’t love betting the under on his point total. My favorite contest is the featured More or Less kills for Kanavi (JNG) and xiye (MID). I will be taking over 11.5 kills for Kanavi and under 7.5 kills for xiye. Kanavi will have plenty opportunities for kills in what should be an easy win for JDG. Yagao (MID) and LokeN (ADC) should both have a lot of kills as well, so hopefully there will be enough to go around. I still think that Kanavi can hit this kill total easily regardless. As for xiye, he will have a tough matchup against Yagao in mid lane. I think that DMO will also struggle as a team, and they will not have a high kill total, especially if this thing only goes 2 games, as projected. With those projections in mind, this kill total can very easily go under, so I think that is the best play.

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