All Bets Suspended – NBA 2K Tournament No Longer Accepting Bets After Results Leak

Reference: (Reuters) – Bookmakers suspend betting after NBA 2K20 results leaked online – By: Rory Caroll 

Well this sucks -_-

The NBA 2K Tournament has been a fun thing to bet on and analyze during these weird times. But even that couldn’t last, as books have now suspended all bets on the tournament. Although the games were streamed on ESPN/ESPN2, they were not live, but rather prerecorded. Thus, the inevitable happened and the results leaked. Bets apparently spiked on Derrick Jones Jr. to beat Kevin Durant in the first game, as reported by Rory Caroll of Reuters.

I’ll be honest – betting on this 2K Tournament is one thing that I thought wouldn’t be taken away from us. It was something to watch even if you didn’t have money on the line, but now I feel like the fun of it is basically ruined. Like now we know it’s not live, so why are we even watching this on ESPN? It’s just not the same. And if the results leak to the general public, then it will really be ruined. But it’s not the end of the world. This was just unexpected. Looks like I’m back to betting Esports. 

My only question now is what happens to my Patrick Beverley future? lol

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