2020 Mid-Season Cup Group Stage – Group B Betting Preview Friday May 29, 2020

The LPL came out strong in Group A, as Top Esports & FunPlus Phoenix both advanced to the Knockout Stage. The LCK was able to take more dragons than the LPL, but the LPL dominated otherwise. I had a losing day of betting & playing DFS, albeit a small loss overall with some wins mixed in. I’ll likely be increasing my bet sizes & number of DFS lineups once we are through the Group Stage and have more information for analysis on this tournament. I found that the pricing allowed for some solid fantasy lineups with 2 ADCs, but it was the mid laner for Top Esports, Knight, who ended up as the best DFS play. Knight looked like he was smurfing at low elo as LeBlanc, and he completely outplayed everybody else.

I was probably a bit too heavy on DAMWON Gaming for DFS, although I still think the value was worth taking in that spot. Also, Khan previously had an impressive performance in the 3rd place match of the LPL playoffs, and he continued that high level of play once again for FunPlus Phoenix. This meant that Canna had a tough time in top lane and did not score a lot of fantasy points. FunPlus Phoenix also banned Ornn, which was unfortunate for Canna. T1 played excellent in their first match against FunPlus Phoenix as I expected, but they went on to lose their next 2 games which was disappointing. They showed poor decision-making in several situations and they tried to force plays that just weren’t there. I also thought it was not a good decision to have Teddy play ADC Yasuo in the match-up against Top Esports. I won’t make any excuses for T1, but seeing them all yawning on camera before the first game started definitely made me a nervous bettor. Being overtired with 3 games of League to play ahead of you is simply not a recipe for a winning day.

I am confident that I can find more value throughout this tournament and hopefully win some big prizes on Fanduel & Draftkings. Fanduel did go with a smaller prize pool for the 2nd day of the Mid-Season Cup, with a top prize of $5K instead of $10K in their biggest contest. We have JD Gaming & Invictus Gaming from the LPL and Gen.G & DragonX from the LCK competing in the Group Stage for Group B. I will be previewing the two games that are featured on the DFS slate in this blog, and I will post picks for the other games on Twitter @TonyLavenderML if I take any more action.

JD Gaming vs. Gen.G – 3:00AM ET

Moneyline Odds: JD Gaming -162 | Gen.G  +132

Projected Lineups

JDG: TOP – Zoom | JNG – Kanavi | MID – Yagao | ADC – LokeN | SUP – LvMao

GEN: TOP – Rascal | JNG – Clid | MID – Bdd | ADC – Ruler | SUP – Life

The last time we saw JD Gaming play, they were absolutely unstoppable. They won the Spring 2020 Playoffs, which was their 1st Finals victory in the LPL. Coming into the Finals, they had won 8 series in a row and swept 7 out of the 8. They were even down 2-1 to Top Esports in the Finals, and managed to battle back and win the series in 5. Kanavi (JNG) was the regular season MVP for the LPL Spring Season, and LvMao (SUP) won Finals MVP by playing Bard masterfully. JD Gaming is a force to be reckoned with and they should carry their momentum into this tournament.

Gen.G got bullied by T1 in the LCK Spring Playoffs. They had a free pass to the Finals after finishing the season in 1st place, and then got swept 3-0 in their only playoff series. The games weren’t even close, as Gen.G could barely even get Tier 1 Towers against T1. I just don’t think this Gen.G team can get a win against JD Gaming if JDG plays even close to as well as they have been recently. Gen.G could possibly make it through to the next round, but JD Gaming will just be too much for them to handle and they will likely start with a loss. I love taking JD Gaming Moneyline -162 and would probably take them up to a price of -200. This team is so good and should be able to get the win in this best-of-one. I do think Gen.G can win 1 or 2 of their other games in the Group Stage, but they will have their hands full to start. I’m going to stack JDG pretty heavily for DFS. JD Gaming is actually the cheaper team for the most part on Fanduel, so I like stacking them the most on this site. You really can’t go wrong taking any piece of this team, but Kanavi (JNG) is my favorite play for this game.

Favorite Bet: JD Gaming Moneyline -162
Favorite DFS Play: Kanavi (JNG)


DragonX vs. Invictus Gaming – 3:50AM ET

Moneyline Odds: Invictus Gaming -127| DragonX -103

Projected Lineups

iG: TOP – TheShy | JNG – Ning | MID – Rookie | ADC – Puff | SUP – Southwind

DRX: TOP – Doran| JNG – Pyosik| MID – Chovy | ADC – Deft| SUP – Keria


The LPL is also favored in this match, so will they control all 4 seeds in the Knockout Stage? I don’t think so, because I think DragonX has a really good shot of advancing here. Invictus Gaming was the team to beat in the LPL 2020 Spring Season and finished in 1st place, but they fell short in the playoffs in the Semifinals against Top Esports. That series probably would’ve been a 3-0 sweep for Top Esports instead of a 3-1 win if they did not take their foot off of the gas in the 3rd game. I just haven’t been impressed with Invictus Gaming with Ning as their jungler.

DragonX finished the LCK Spring Season in 3rd place, but they did have the same series record as Gen.G & T1. DRX won their first Spring Playoff match-up against DAMWON Gaming before dropping the next series against T1 3-1. With the way that T1 was playing, it was an accomplishment to not get swept in that series, so I do give credit to DragonX. If the LCK is going to earn a chance in the next round, it will likely be with DragonX at this point. My favorite bet of this slate is DragonX Moneyline -103. I think this is a no brainer at even money because I consider DRX to be the favorite in this spot. Invictus Gaming is the more expensive team on Draftkings, while DragonX is more expensive on Fanduel, so stack accordingly. I will certainly have heavy ownership of DRX. Deft (ADC) is my favorite play in this match-up and I think he could be the highest scorer of the slate.


Favorite Bet: DragonX Moneyline -103
Favorite DFS Play: Deft (ADC)

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