2020 Mid-Season Cup Group Stage – Group A Betting Preview Thursday May 28, 2020

T1 vs. FunPlus Phoenix – 3:00AM ET

DAMWON Gaming vs. Top Esports – 4:00AM ET


The LPL & LCK are set to compete for the Mid-Season Cup as the top four teams from each region will face off. This tournament is pretty similar to Rift Rivals, except that the teams are all competing individually. All matches in the Group Stage are best-of-one, with the top two teams from Group A & Group B advancing to the Knockout Stage. It’s been a few weeks since we’ve seen these teams play, and I have been ITCHING for these games to start. The rosters have now been announced, and as expected we will see some of the top talent in the world play, so this should be fun to watch! There is constant debate about whether the LPL or LCK is better, and the LPL seems to be the popular choice as of late. Personally, I give the edge to the LCK in this tournament, and I am hoping that there will be plenty of opportunities for value. In this post, I will discuss my favorite bets for the DFS slate (which is just these first two matches) as well as the GPP plays that I think are viable on Fanduel and Draftkings.

T1 vs. FunPlus Phoenix – 3:00AM ET

Moneyline Odds: T1 -135 | FunPlus Phoenix +105

Projected Lineups

T1: TOP – Canna | JNG – Cuzz | MID – Faker | ADC – Teddy | SUP – Effort

FPX: TOP – Khan | JNG – Tian | MID – Doinb | ADC – Lwx | SUP – Crisp


T1 is a slight favorite here in the opening match-up for Group A. T1 is coming off of an excellent performance in the LCK Spring Playoffs. After finishing the Spring Season in 2nd place, they went on to beat DragonX in the Semfinals and then they swept Gen.G in the Finals. Canna did an amazing job in top lane during T1’s playoff run, and Cuzz went on to win playoff MVP after dominating as jungler. Long story short – watch out for T1 in this tournament.  

The Spring Playoffs did not end the way that FPX wanted, although they were at least able to take the 3rd place match against Invictus Gaming. This team felt like it had the talent to go all the way, but they ran into a red-hot JD Gaming team that just could not be stopped. FunPlus Phoenix has shown weakness at times despite having a ceiling that is as high as any team in the world.

My favorite bet is to take T1 Moneyline -135, and I am betting 1 unit as we get our first look at these teams in the Mid-Season Cup. I really like T1 to start off with a win in this spot, especially since they are coming off such a strong finish to the Spring Playoffs. FunPlus Phoenix certainly has the talent to compete here, but T1 is simply the better team. The LCK does still seem to have an edge over the LPL in my opinion and T1 will help prove that. T1 just looks like such a great bet as only a small favorite, even though anything could happen in a best-of-one series. For DFS, my favorite play is Canna – TOP ($8,400 FD / $6,200 DK) and I will be stacking T1 pretty heavily. I think that the top laner should absolutely be able to win this match-up against GimGoon. I really like when Canna plays Ornn, and I think that T1 has a huge advantage when Ornn gets tanky and wins top lane, although Canna could play a number of Champions. FunPlus Phoenix seems to be at their best when Doinb is playing well, so he would be my favorite pick if you decide to stack FPX. I will have some exposure to FunPlus Phoenix, but I do not expect them to win this, so it will be difficult for them to score a lot of points in one game.

**UPDATE** Khan is now starting for GimGoon in top lane. I like Canna even more now. 

Favorite Bet: T1 Moneyline -135
Favorite DFS Play: Canna (TOP)


DAMWON Gaming vs. Top Esports – 4:00AM ET

Moneyline Odds: TOP Esports -205 | DAMWON Gaming +160

Projected Lineups

DWG: TOP – Nuguri | JNG – Canyon | MID – ShowMaker | ADC – Ghost| SUP – BeryL

TES: TOP – 369 | JNG – Karsa | MID – Knight | ADC – JackeyLove | SUP – Yuyanjia


Top Esports is a heavy favorite in this match-up against DAMWON Gaming. TES lost the LPL Spring Finals to JD Gaming, but they came into the playoffs on fire. They added JackeyLove to their roster a few weeks before playoffs, and he has definitely added a new dimension to their playstyle. Top Esports now seems like a complete team after adding one of the best ADCs in the world, and they will hope to carry their momentum into the Mid-Season Cup.

DAMWON Gaming is an underdog after earning the 5th seed in the LCK Spring Playoffs with a 9-9 Spring Season record. They were able to defeat KT Rolster in the 1st round before losing to DragonX in 5 games. DAMWON dropped the first 2 games to DragonX but were able to come back and force a game 5, which was at least a promising sign. DAMWON Gaming did have a solid win over T1 Gaming down the stretch of the Spring Season, although the rookie jungler for T1, Ellim, was starting over Cuzz in that match.  

This match-up is a lot closer to a coin flip in my opinion. I think that TOP Esports is favored by too much and that there is tremendous value on DAMWON Gaming +160 Moneyline. At those odds, we only need DAMWON Gaming to win this match-up at least 38.5% of time to make a profit, which I think is very likely. Maybe the JackeyLove hype has caused Vegas to juice these lines, who knows? I don’t feel comfortable fading either of these teams in daily fantasy, so I will stack both, but I am going to be heavier on DAMWON Gaming. DAMWON has the cheaper options for DFS and I think there is good value since they have a legitimate chance to win against Top Esports. My favorite DFS play is Canyon – JNG ($7,900 FD / $6,000 DK). Canyon always looks impressive, especially when DAMWON Gaming wins, and he is really cheap on Fanduel & Draftkings. If DAMWON go on to win this match-up, Canyon could be the highest scoring jungler on the slate, and his inexpensive price allows you to spend up for other options. My other favorite option for heavy ownership on DAMWON is ShowMaker (MID), because he is likely to have a monster stat line in the event of a win. JackeyLove (ADC) is the most expensive option on Fanduel & Draftkings and is likely to be a chalky play. Nobody would be surprised to see JackeyLove have a big day, but I may have low ownership to differentiate my lineups and because he is so pricey. My favorite pick on Top Esports is 369 (TOP) because I think he has the advantage over Nuguri and he will own his lane. This play makes sense because it can still be viable even if Top Esports loses this match-up.

**UPDATE** Yuyanjia will now be in at support instead of QiuQiu. Make sure to update your lineups if you have QiuQiu in there.


Favorite Bet: DAMWON Gaming Moneyline +160
Favorite DFS Play: Canyon (JNG) 

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