2020 Mid-Season Cup Finals – Top Esports vs. FunPlus Phoenix – Sunday May 31, 2020

Top Esports vs. FunPlus Phoenix – 5:00AM ET

Moneyline Odds: Top Esports (-145) | FunPlus Phoenix (+115)

Map Handicap: FunPlus Phoenix +1.5 (-185) | Top Esports -1.5 (+155)

Projected Lineups

TES: TOP – 369 | JNG – Karsa | MID – knight | ADC – JackeyLove | SUP – yuyanjia

FPX: TOP – Khan | JNG – Tian | MID – Doinb | ADC – Lwx | SUP – Crisp


The Finals of the Mid-Season Cup are here, and Top Esports is the favorite against FunPlus Phoenix. The LPL was able to send 2 teams to the Finals with their dominance of this tournament. It does seem like they have the advantage over the LCK, but I don’t think the book is completely closed after a tournament featuring best-of-ones and standardized ping at 30-40 ms. Not everyone was a fan of the format of the Semifinals, which had blind picks for the first game of the best-of-5 series. Personally, I think there is some logic to it because it makes it so each team would have up to 2 drafts on red & blue sides. Also, it was interesting to watch the gamesmanship of this twist, and we saw unique action like Lwx & LokeN both playing as Varus in the first game. We will see the same format in this Finals match-up. My bets for the Semifinals did not go well, but I’ll look to turn things around in this last series, and I will also discuss my favorite DFS pick for Fanduel. Draftkings is not running a contest at this time.

FunPlus Phoenix won their first ever best-of-five series against JD Gaming, and did so in convincing fashion. FPX lost the first game with blind picks, and then went on to win the next 3 games. JD Gaming appeared to be a bit too overaggressive in the early game. I was not at all impressed with the play of Yagao in the mid lane for JDG. I still think he is a very talented player, but he simply looked awful in this series. LokeN was able to keep JD Gaming in these games by staying alive & farming even when his teammates were dying frequently. However, FunPlus Phoenix did not really make any mistakes once they had a controlling lead, and JD Gaming lost 3-1.  FPX is a team that we know has the talent to be the best in the world, but they weren’t able to put it all together in the Spring Season. Khan has seemed to be the missing piece that they needed, and they have been on fire recently.

Top Esports was a popular pick to win the Mid-Season Cup, and they continued to play well in the Semifinals. Everything seemed to be working in their favor as they swept Gen.G 3-0. Knight has been the MVP of this tournament without question. He played as Ekko and Zoe to perfection in games 1 and 2 of the Semifinals, and then put on a show as Syndra in game 3. Gen.G certainly looked like the inferior team in this series. Top Esports effortlessly put the last nail in the coffin for the LCK in this tournament, and they showed everyone just how good the LPL can be.

Don’t forget that these 2 teams recently faced off in Group A and FunPlus Phoenix easily handled Top Esports with a 20-5 kill advantage. 369 got wrecked in top lane all game long as Jayce and FPX did not give up their lead once they got first blood on Karsa. I think that some people may be underestimating how solid this FPX team is with Khan now in for GimGoon. FunPlus Phoenix should continue to limit their mistakes, and they are the team that I prefer in late game situations when the gold is close on each side. I give the slight edge to FunPlus Phoenix and I am going to take them with the +1.5 map handicap as well as moneyline. Both teams have been excellent these past few days, and I definitely expect this to be a drawn-out series with long-lasting games. FPX will need to find a way to slow down knight if they want to take down Top Esports. JackeyLove always seems to show up when he is needed the most, but I actually give the bottom lane advantage to FunPlus Phoenix with Lwx and Crisp. I think that the 1st game with blind picks will have a ton of kills, so my favorite bet on this slate is to take 1ST MAP – TOTAL KILLS over 26.5 (-110). I’m not sure if the other games will have as many kills, especially with the conservative gameplay that FPX has demonstrated recently, so I’d probably lean towards the under on the kill totals for the rest of the series if I was betting those. My favorite play on Fanduel is Tian (JNG) because I think he could be the highest scorer on this slate, and he is not getting as much attention as his teammates Lwx and Doinb, who are fine DFS plays as well. I’ll be taking the following bets:

Favorite Bet: 1ST MAP - TOTAL KILLS over 26.5 (-110) 
Bet: FunPlus Phoenix +1.5 Map Handicap (-185)
Bet: FunPlus Phoenix Moneyline (+115) 
Favorite DFS Play: Tian (JNG)


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