The Start of Blast Premiere Spring Showdown – June 1, 2020

     The Blast Premiere Spring Showdown fills the void that we have as we wait for DreamHack Playoffs to start up. DreamHack turned out to be profitable for us, even though we made at least one play on every single match. We finished 23-21 for +3.02 units. I will be using a different approach for the Blast Premiere matches. Instead of betting on every match, I will be trying to target a few different matches each day in both regions. The Blast matches are best of one, as opposed to DreamHack best of three series. It would be hard to remain profitable if we were playing every match. My process to making picks also has a heavy emphasis on the map picks and pool. It will be more difficult to predict the only map that will be played considering each of the teams only use bans. As the event goes on, I hope to be able to make more picks per day, and maybe start playing every game. In the mean time, I’ll be some what conservative while I get a feeling for the event. With all that being said, I think I love the board on the first day… so let’s jump right in!


Vitality (-150) vs Ence (+120) – 9:30am EST 

     Vitality and Ence open up play for the Blast Premiere event. There has only been two days since Vitality and Ence last met. That matchup was a best of three series for DreamHack Masters group play. Vitality mopped the floor with Ence. They won Mirage 16-6 and Nuke 16-9. Ence didn’t have much of an answer for Zywoo and crew in that one. I expect the first two bans to come in the form of Vertigo and Train. We will then see Ence ban either Mirage/Inferno with Vitality banning Overpass. Ence should then ban the remaining of Mirage/Inferno with Vitality banning Nuke. Nobody wants to get stuck starting on the T-side of Nuke in a best of one. This will leave Dust2. Dust2 is a comfortable map for each of these teams, but I would have to give the edge to Vitality based on the amount they play it. I also don’t see any reason to expect that Ence will look different than they did the past couple of days. After the NaVi upset they just haven’t been competitive.

Miner’s Money Pick: Vitality (-150) *1.5u*


Mousesports (-180) vs Dignitas (+140) – 10:45am EST

     Now this is an ugly game. I wouldn’t blame you if you completely stayed away from it, but I am finding value with the favorite. Neither of these teams have been in great form. Dignitas went 1-6 at Road to Rio, while only winning 2 maps in their  6 losses. Mousesports have been nothing but a disappointment. They failed to make playoffs at Road to Rio and followed that up with an 0-3 elimination at DreamHack. My angle on this game comes from my belief that Mousesports is going to find form. They recently played in the charity event, Gamers Without Boarders, and placed second after losing on the 5th map to NaVi. I think the stress free atmosphere provided Mouse a chance to regroup and get a feel for the successful Counter Strike they were playing at ESL Pro League. I expect them to carry that into this matchup. I imagine we will see either Train, Nuke or Dust2 for this match and have to give Mouse an edge on all of those. I think this Dignitas squad is washed up. Mouse’s ability to blow leads of late will keep me from the spread, but I’ll be risking a unit on this money line.

Miner’s Money Pick: Mousesports (-180)


Astralis (-160) vs Ninjas in Pyjamas (+130) – 12:00pm EST

     We get a sneak peak of the first round DreamHack playoff matchup with this one. Both of these teams come in to this match with rosters that look much different than they did a week ago. Astralis will be without the services of both Glave and Xypx for this match. They were without Glave during Dreamhack and looked much more pedestrian than they did at Road to Rio. Since Xypx has decided to go on a medical leave, I’m starting to question the strength of this team. Just two weeks ago they looked like the best in the world, but I think they’re worth a fade here. NiP found their first win with their new roster against Ence just two days ago. All of the players seemed to have stepped up to the task of helping Hampus get comfortable. The difference in play from their first DreamHack match to their third was extremely obvious. If they show up like they did against Ence, I think they have a good chance to get it done against the new look Astralis team. I won’t be passing up on the plus money.

Miner’s Money Pick: Ninjas in Pyjamas (+130) 


Fnatic (-140) vs Mad Lions (+110) – 1:15pm EST

     Well, I didn’t expect to play this many matches from the European region on the first day. With that being said, I see absolutely no reason for Fnatic to be favored in any match. They have looked extremely off since winning ESL Pro League back at the start of April. They are only 4-8 in series played after the conclusion of Pro League. They also failed to make playoffs in Road to Rio and  just barely squeaked in to the DreamHack Playoffs with a 1-2 record. Fnatic just seems uninspired to perform. Potentially some burnout coupled with bad play. The Mad Lions haven’t been extremely impressive since winning Flashpoint in mid April, but I think their DreamHack performance was due to rust. They should come out in better form for this one considering they had the whole week to prepare. Regardless, this is more a fade of Fnatic as a favorite anyway.

Miner’s Money Pick: Mad Lions (+110)


Furia (-185) vs MiBR (+145)

     My biggest play of the day comes from the first game of the Blast North American region. Furia will be playing MiBR for their fifth meeting since March 30th. All of those series came in the form of best of threes, but Furia was dominant in all of them. MiBR only managed to win one map while Furia took the other nine that were played. Furia has made MiBR look like their little brother as they consistently beat up on them. Over the course of the last 10 maps played between the teams, MiBR is only averaging 8.3 rounds won. Furia should roll through MiBR on whatever map it is. They’ve shown they can do it in the past and they’re in much better form.

Miner’s Money Pick: Furia (-185) *1.85u*


100 Thieves (-120) vs Evil Geniuses (-110)

     We have to make a play on the final match of the first day. Lucky for us, it’s between two teams with a ton of history. This will be these teams sixth meeting since February 15th. The map split is a perfect 7-7 over the course of those six series. The most recent meeting went in favor of Evil Geniuses. 100T started out with a 16-2 win on Vertigo, but were punished for not banning Overpass before losing in over time on Nuke. Now I’m not saying 100T didn’t want to win that game, but the result had no significance on their playoff seeding. It seemed like they just checked out after the dominant first map. That won’t be the case in this one. I expect 100T to be focused on starting group play out strong. I also feel like there may be a little revenge angle. 100T’s coach used to coach EG, and I can’t imagine he was thrilled to lose that match. 100T should go deep in to their playbook to make sure they secure this win. They’re also in much better form as EG hasn’t won a significant match since Pro League. 

Miner’s Money Pick: 100 Thieves (-120) *1.2u*

**All matches played to risk one unit unless otherwise specified*** BOL

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