OWL Week 24 Day 2 – Betting Picks and Analysis

Hero Bans: Widowmaker, Mei, Orisa and Ana


Vancouver Titans (4-8) vs LA Gladiators (6-6)

Saturday 7/18 at 3:00 PM EST

The Gladiators have continued to underperform considering the strength of their roster.  Despite having a soft schedule the last month or so, they have only managed to win 3 of their last 8.  Their tank line rarely seems to be on the same page even though OGE and Space are both highly regarded players, and they do not have a Damage player with the carry potential needed to mask over coordination errors. As I mentioned in my previous post, the Titans have struggled since their roster overhaul, but have showed improvement every week and are starting to find their rhythm with recent wins against the Fuel and Uprising.  The momentum is with the Titans in this one which is why I like them as the underdog here.  The one disadvantage is the Titans play 2 matches this week and will have to prepare for 2 teams whereas this is all the Gladiators must worry about.

Bet: Vancouver Titans ML (+145)


Washington Justice (3-13) vs Toronto Defiant (6-10)

Saturday 7/18 at 5:00 PM EST

It’s been hard to get excited about either of these teams this season, but my goodness did they pull off some upsets during the Summer Showdown!  The Justice managed to beat the Uprising and the Gladiators.  No one saw this coming considering they had lost 11 of their last 12 and got shut out in 7 of those losses.  Their reworked roster to be all Korean has been a rough transition, but Ttuba looked elite on the Genji and if they can keep this momentum going, they might make for a decent mid table team.  As improved as the Titans looked, the Defiant looked even better, managing to make it to the Semifinals by beating both the Valiant and the Reign before losing to the Fusion, as Agilities looked equally as impressive on the Genji.  With Genji likely to be less of an impact in this Ban meta, I think the Defiant are better equipped to make the necessary adjustments as they have a deeper squad. While it was nice to see the Justice pick up a few wins, I think it’s fair to say their wins were to worse teams, and I don’t believe they will continue to find quality wins quite yet, at least in hero ban scenarios.  I am bullish on the Defiant.

Bet: Toronto Defiant -1.5 (-120)


SF Shock (15-2) vs Boston Uprising (2-13)

Saturday 7/18 at 7:00 PM EST

Before their lost in the Summer Showdown Final to the Eternal, the Shock had won 14 matches in a row and won 3-0 in 9 of those.  They are an elite team and still the best in the world in my opinion.  Hero Ban’s always give an underdog a shot at stealing a map, but the Shock have the deepest and best equipped roster to adapt to an adjusting meta.  While the Uprising have looked decent lately, at least in comparison to their early season woes, having managed a win against the Gladiators and a pair of close matches against the Eternal.  This is first time these teams have played this season, and while all indications point to the Shock winning 3-0, at a -245 payout it is not worth the risk coming into a fresh hero Ban.

Bet: Avoid


LA Valiant (8-7) vs Atlanta Reign (7-6)

Saturday 7/18 at 9:00 PM EST

After looking like a top team in NA winning 7 out of 8 with the only loss being against the Shock, the rampaging Valiant crashed back down to earth with 2 decisive losses to the Eternal and Defiant.  The new patch appears to have hurt their style dramatically, and the team looks lost and longing for confidence.  While I believe they will improve from this slump, I don’t see them getting back to the same level they were last month.  The Reign on the other hand have consistently beat the lower tier teams but have yet to break through and find a quality win.  A crazy stat is that each of the Reign’s 7 wins have been 3-0 sweeps.  I think the Valiant are struggling right now and this is a great opportunity to keep a decent streak going. Plus, rumor has it this might be babybay’s last match, so they might be playing with a chip on their shoulder.

Bet: Atlanta Reign ML (+135)


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