OWL Week 15 – Gambling Guide Saturday May 16, 2020

A ton of one-sided matches on Saturday, so the only way to find value will be to bet on the spreads.  Below is a quick note on all 7 matches on Super Saturday, with our Picks and matches to avoid.


Dynasty (4-3) vs Hunters (3-9) – 4AM EST

The Dynasty got shut out by the Dragons, the Charge and the Spark to go on a 9-map losing streak before making a comeback in astounding fashion by knocking off the Dragons 3-2 last week.  It’s hard to tell which Dynasty will show up this week, but the same could be said for the Hunters, I don’t see any value in the spread at 1.5, I assume the Dynasty will cover that but not worth the -190.  It is almost tempting to take the Hunters at +330 but too much uncertainty for me.

Spitfire (4-3) vs Dragons (10-2) – 6AM EST

The Dragons will be looking to get back to winning ways after the disappointing loss to the Dynasty last week, but the young Spitfire line up will be trying to make a statement.  The Dragons are huge favorites and the line is set at 2.5.  Even after 2 matches it is hard to get a read on the potential of this Spitfire squad, so I am going to sit this one out.  The only value here might be to take Dragons at -2.5 to get +120.

Excelsior (8-3) vs Spark (5-6) – 8AM EST

The Excelsior should bounce back against the Spark this week after a tough loss from a Charge squad that is looking great lately.  The Spark have struggled to find their identity since Hero Bans, and with the Meta up in the air with this week’s Hero Bans I think they will struggle again.  NYXL are a much more consistent team and can adapt quickly.  If they offered it I would take Excelsior -2.5, but unless that changes feel good about -1.5 costing an expensive -165.

Titans (2-4) vs Outlaws (4-9) – 3PM EST

The new look Titans did not exactly shine in their first week back with an entirely new squad, but it could have been worse.  They managed to take a map off of the Justice and played decent against the Mayhem.  I expect them to improve a lot this week with some more time to practice, but the Outlaws should be able to take care of business here.  The Outlaws have not looked good lately but they will be desperate for a win.  Big value in an Outlaws sweep at -2.5 paying +145.

Mayhem (6-4) vs Justice (3-9) – 5PM EST

The Justice managed to get their first win in awhile against the Titans last week, proving that Overwatch League teams are indeed better than their feeder teams.   Other than that, they look very similar to the Uprising and I don’t see the picking up many maps against the rest of the league. Now they have to snap back to reality and play a red hot Mayhem team who has won 4 straight.  Lock in the Mayhem to cover -2.5 paying +120.

Gladiators (4-4) vs Uprising (1-10) – 7PM EST

Gladiators sweep.  Uprising have not won a map in in three weeks and they don’t start now.  The Gladiators want to bounce back after a tough loss to Eternal and this is the perfect match up to do it.  Gladiators cover -2.5 to pay +120.

Shock (7-2) vs Reign (5-4) – 9PM EST

This is the only interesting match up on Saturday, and the Shock are -550 favorites.  The Reign have been disappointing, and peoples have finally realized they are not as good as they once were.  The Shock have looked eatable lately though, dropping maps against Defiant and Fuel.  With the spread at 1.5 though, I don’t see any value in betting on this one.  Shock should cover -1.5 but it costs -190.


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