OWL Week 14 Value Pick of the Week

Hunters (3-8) vs Spitfire (3-2)

Value Bet: Spitfire ML at +135


I need to start off by saying that I really wanted someone to post odds on the Titans this week so I could have used their matches for the pick of the week.  Unfortunately, the Titans have decided to release their entire team and coaching staff and have picked up a tier 2 team from Contenders for this weekend’s matches.  So, will be curious if any odds end up getting posted, but given the uncertainty I really doubt it.

For this week’s value pick I am taking the Spitfire at +135 over the Hunters.  We have not seen the Spitfire in action for about 2 months, so people are sleeping on them.  But against the inconsistent squad of the Hunters, this match could go either way so taking the +135 has a ton of value.  The Spitfire did not look great in their first few matches, but still seemed like a solid mid table team, beating three teams they should have and losing to two teams that are top table.  The Hunters meanwhile have struggled to find any consistency all season and seem to come up with a different game plan each week.  Which makes them a ton of fun to watch, but doesn’t lead to wins.  I will say that the Hunters did look decent in their last two matches despite losing both, but I really doubt they take any momentum out of that.  This is exacerbated by the fact that the Hunters have struggled against McCree all year, who is back this week, and had been playing well on Ashe, who is banned.

Since the Spitfire have not played since Hero Bans were implemented, I am just going to look at the season totals for these teams.  Assuming the Spitfire have not come up with a crazy new composition, I assume they will have Glister (who looks like a potential all pro this season) on the McCree, and Schwi on the Mei.  If they do end up playing Echo I have no idea who will take that on.  The Hunters will per usual run multiple heroes, with their all star Jinmu running the Mei/Pharah/Sombra/Echo and Leave running Tracer/Hanzo, or if they want to mirror we could see Baconjack on the McCree.


The Support line ups stat wise go heavy in favor of the Spitfire, though you could argue play style has a lot to do with that.  The Spitfire will have Krillin on the Ana and SanGuiNar on the Lucio, while the Hunters go with Molly on the Ana/Zenaytta and Yveltal on the Lucio with maybe a change up for Jengsa on the Baptiste…assuming they don’t try something totally new again.


Finally, the Tank line up for the Spitfire should be BERNAR on the D. Va/Sigma and Jmac on the Orisa/Winston.  Pre meta ban they always ran D. VA and Reinhart, so hard to know for sure, but I assume they will go double shield with Orisa and Sigma.  The Hunters meanwhile will have ameng in at Orisa/Winston/Wrecking Ball alongside Else on D. Va/Sigma.  I for one am really hoping to see some ameng on Wrecking Ball, it always makes for a chaotic match.

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