OWL Week 14 Match of the Week

Gladiators (4-3) vs Eternal (5-5)

Value Bet: Eternal ML at +120


This is the most tightly contested match of the week between two teams that are battling to be in the top 5, but currently sit mid-tier.  The Eternal had high expectations coming into the season and performed well to start the season 5-1 before dropping three straight.  To be fair though 2 of those losses were too arguably the best team in the league in the Fusion, whom they took to map five both times, and the third was too a Mayhem team that is very hot right now.  The Gladiators have had a solid season so far despite a tough schedule as well.  They have solid wins against the Shock and Fuel and are riding a 2 game winning streak into this match.  Something to consider though is that all four of the Gladiators wins have come when McCree was banned, and they have lost all three where he was available. In my opinion this match is even, but with the Bans in favor of the Eternal and the Books paying +120, you gotta pick the Eternal on this one.

The Damage line up for the Gladiators has disappointed at times this season, though Birdring has shown flashes of what he was with the Spitfire in season one.  I expect the Gladiators to play a double shield composition, which will likely put Birdring on McCree and Janu on Mei.  If they do decide to run Echo they will put in MirroR, though he did not look great on the Hero last week.  The Eternal will likely go for a more dive style, with SoOn on the Tracer/McCree and NiCOgdh on the Echo, which too be fair he did not look impressive on either.  This should be a relatively even matchup:


For the support lines the Eternal have looked stronger than the Gladiators this season.  Fielder made his debut from Korea (with 200 ping) and looks like a promising rookie that adds solid depth to the team.  For most maps I expect them to go with Greyy on the Moria and FDGod on the Lucio, with potential of seeing Fielder on the Ana.  They will be matched against BiGOOse on the Lucio and Shaz on the Moria/Ana.  The healing stat below tells the story here:


Tank lines are even in this one, maybe a slight edge to the Gladiators if OGE can perform on his less preferred main tank of Orisa.  I think we can count on the Gladiators going with the double shield of Space on Sigma and OGE on Orisa.  This will be an interesting matchup going against the dive style of the Eternal, who will likely have Hanbin on the D.Va and NoSmite on the Winston.  I don’t expect to see their Reinhart expert in BenBest this week.


All things considered this should be a fun match to watch.  It is all going to come down to how effectively the Eternal can dive and get picks on the Gladiators, so positioning and team communication will be key.


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