OWL Week 14 Hero Ban Analysis

Hero Bans – Reaper, Ashe, Reinhart and Brigitte

Interesting Ban week as the Brawl playstyle takes a huge hit with no Reaper, Reinhart or Brigitte.  This means we should see a lot more double shield, and Dive play styles.  Echo came into the meta last week being used in multiple compositions, and while she did seem powerful, she was very map dependent.  Ashe being banned will just mean that McCree will step into the primary hit scan roll, which is just an upgrade.  The only other time Reaper was banned we saw a lot of McCree and Mei, as well as Hanzo and Tracer.  However, with Echo now available, I think we will see a lot of her alongside Sombra or Tracer for the Dive compositions.  For a more stable look teams will lean on Mei and McCree for the double shield style.  Here is how the Damage hero pick rates looked when Reaper was banned:


Support wise, with no Brigitte available we will see mostly Lucio and Ana, as well as some Moria or Mercy.  The main thing to note here is that Mercy was unavailable with Echo last week, so it will be interesting to see how much value she adds to the Echo play.  If teams opt to not match on Echo we could see some Zenyatta or Baptiste to help counter.  Here is how Support pick rates looked with Brigette banned:

With the strongest shield in the game out this week, the only real options are for teams to go double shield with Orisa and Sigma, or with D.Va and Winson on Dive.  The curveball is we have Wrecking ball back available this week and he might prove to be a solid counter against Echo, so hoping to see some of him this week.  Here is how the pick rates looks without Reinhart:

We will be looking to find value in the teams that have great Sigma and Orisa players and those that have been looking good on Echo.  On the flip side stay away from teams that rely to much on Reinhart and love to Brawl.  Odds will be posted tomorrow.

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