Overwatch League Week 15 – Betting Preview

Hero Bans – Tracer, Mei, Orisa and Moria

With the Hero Bans adjusted to just go off of only OWL gameplay, we have been blessed with an intriguing Ban week.  We had similar Bans in Week 12, with Tracer, Orisa and Moria out, but with Mei out as well every playstyle takes a hit, so it will be interesting to see what compositions teams come up with.  Tracer makes Dive worse, Mei makes Brawl worse, and Orisa and Moria make Poke and Double shield worse.  In general, I think teams will go with whichever playstyle they are most comfortable on this week, but teams typically don’t figure out what the meta is until late in the week so anything could change.   From a Tank perspective, no Orisa means we will see a lot more Reinhart.  Depending on the style of the team we will either see Reinhart/ D. Va (Brawl), Reinhart/Sigma (Double Shield) or D. Va/Winston (Dive), but I think Reinhart and D. Va will be the most common.  The support line ups should mostly consist of Lucio and Ana, with Brigitte and Baptiste getting involved as well.  The Damage Heros are the most up in the air and I think we could see a lot of variety this week. With so much Reinhart being played I could see Echo getting huge value, so we could see a Sombra Echo Dive.  If teams feel that McCree is too good of a counter then Sombra and Doomfist will likely be the Dive combo.  For the Double Shield and Brawl teams I think we will see a ton of McCree per usual, along with a lot more Torbjorn.  Other Heroes teams will run on certain maps are Reaper, Pharah and Hanzo.  Here is how the pick rate looked in Week 12, when Tracer, Orisa and Moria were banned (note – Mei was available):


Here are what Damage pick rates looked like when Mei was banned, which is why I think we might see a lot more Torbjorn this week, and maybe even Reaper:


Teams that thrive on Reinhart should find joy this week, while Double Shield will be tougher to pull off.  It is hard to tell if Dive or Brawl will be stronger this week though, and the opening lines show that uncertainty, which means there is plenty of value to be found in locking in bets early.

Another busy week with 12 matches this weekend (5/16 – 5/17).  Below are the opening odds for this week.  I thought last week had a lot of one-sided matches, but it turns out this week is even more so with five 2.5 spreads.  According to the odds, the Spark vs Spitfire is the closest game of the week, closely followed by Fuel vs Eternal.  The only other match that looks like it will be competitive is the Defiant vs the Valiant.  Initial thoughts are there is value in Fuel and Defiant, but look for our analysis and picks as the week goes on:

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