Overwatch League 2020 May Melee – NA Region Play-in Match Betting Guide

Mayhem 7-5 vs Reign 5-6
Saturday, May 23 at 5 PM EST
Our Pick: Atlanta Reign Money Line -105

This is a matchup between a team that is overperforming in the Florida Mayhem, vs a team who is underperforming in the Atlanta Reign.  The Mayhem are arguably the hottest team in the league right now winning their last 5 with an impressive 15-1 map record.  The only not bottom 3 team they beat in that run was the Paris Eternal, and that was during a brutal Hero Ban week with McCree, Widow, Reinhardt and Brigette all out. That being said, I am not impressed or surprised at all by this win streak.  The Reign have already beaten the Mayhem once this season in a convincing 3-0, and in their pre-Hero ban matches the Mayhem managed to lose to the struggling London Spitfire.  On the flip side, the Reign have beaten every team they should, and lost to every team you’d expect this season.  Their 5-5 record is the result of a tough schedule.  The Mayhem will get brought back down to earth today now that they must play a real team.  Whether it is double shield or Echo dive, the Reign have a deeper and better squad.

Here are the stats for this match-up:

Eternal 7-4 vs Valiant 5-5
Saturday, May 23 at 9 PM EST
Our Pick: Paris Eternal Money Line -110

The Eternal have hit their stride the last few weeks with solid wins over the Fuel and Gladiators, along with taking the Fusion to a map 5.  Half of their losses have been at the hands of the Fusion and they have been dominating in the matches against mid table teams (like the Valiant).  No doubt the Valiant have been making a case that they are one of the stronger teams in NA right now, with a three-win streak including an impressive one over the Atlanta Reign.  But in general, they have struggled against top tier teams.  This should be a competitive one but the fact the Eternal are considered underdogs in this one is comical.

Here are the stats for this match-up:

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