LPL & LCK 2020 Summer Split – Betting Picks – Friday June 19th, 2020

Betting Record (15-11, +0.36 units) – LPL 2020 Summer Split

LNG Esports vs. eStar – 5:00AM ET

Team WE vs. FunPlus Phoenix – 7:00AM ET


LNG Esports (2-1) vs. eStar (1-2) – 5:00AM ET

Moneyline Odds: eStar (-125) | LNG Esports (+105)

Map Handicap: LNG Esports -1.5 (-300) | eStar +1.5 (+220)

Bet: LNG Esports Moneyline (+105) [1 UNIT]

Why I Like It: I think that eStar is overrated and I don’t think LNG Esports should be an underdog in this match-up. The LNG bottom lane combo has looked very solid with Duan at support.


Team WE (3-1) vs. FunPlus Phoenix (1-1) – 7:00AM ET

Moneyline Odds: FunPlus Phoenix (-200) | Team WE (+160)

Map Handicap: Team WE +1.5 (-185) | FunPlus Phoenix -1.5 (+145)

Bet: FunPlus Phoenix Moneyline (-200) [3 UNITS]

Why I Like It: I love these odds for FPX. Team WE is a playoff-bound team and has looked good recently, but it’s still very unlikely that they beat FunPlus Phoenix. I think FPX is the 2nd best team in the LPL and they are on a different level than Team WE. 3 units is my largest bet size.  

Betting Record (2-2, -0.32 units) – LCK 2020 Summer Split

I haven’t blogged/tweeted my LCK picks consistently, so here’s a summary:

LOSS – SANDBOX Gaming Moneyline (+120)

LOSS – T1 Moneyline (-175) vs. DragonX

WIN – SeolHaeOne Prince Moneyline (-110)

WIN – Team Dynamics +1.5 Map Handicap (-130)

DAMWON Gaming vs. SANDBOX Gaming – 4:00AM ET

Gen.G vs. DragonX- 7:00AM ET


DAMWON Gaming (0-0) vs. SANDBOX Gaming (0-1) – 4:00AM ET

Moneyline Odds: DAMWON Gaming (-270) | SANDBOX Gaming (+200)

Map Handicap: SANDBOX Gaming +1.5 (-150) | DAMWON Gaming -1.5 (+120)

Bet: SANDBOX Gaming +1.5 Map Handicap (-150) [1 UNIT]

Why I Like It: SANDBOX didn’t look amazing in their first match-up of the Summer Split, but Afreeca is a really good team. Combine that with the fact that DAMWON played pretty well in the Mid-Season Cup, and I think we have a situation where there is good value on SANDBOX Gaming. I think they’ll easily win at least one game and could even win the series.


Gen.G (0-0) vs. DragonX (1-0) – 7:00AM ET

Moneyline Odds: DragonX (-120) | Gen.G (+100)

Map Handicap: Gen.G +1.5 (-310) | DragonX -1.5 (+230)

Bet: DragonX Moneyline (-120) [2 UNITS]

Why I Like It: DragonX has looked like the better team as of late, and I am surprised that they are only a slight favorite. I’m honestly tempted to take the -1.5 map handicap, but i’ll just be hammering the moneyline for 2 units.



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