LPL 2020 Summer Split – Betting & DFS Preview – Thursday June 11th, 2020

eStar vs. Dominus Esports – 5:00AM ET

Invictus Gaming vs. Team WE – 7:00AM ET

Betting Record (9-3, +4.06 units) – LPL 2020 Summer Split

eStar (0-1) vs. Dominus Esports (0-1) – 5:00AM ET

Moneyline Odds: eStar (-410) | Dominus Esports (+295)

Map Handicap: eStar -1.5 (-115) | Dominus Esports +1.5 (-105)

Projected Lineups

EST: TOP – Xiaobai| JNG – Wei | MID – Fenfen | ADC – Wink | SUP – ShiauC

DMO: TOP – Natural | JNG – Xiaopeng | MID – Twila | ADC – Helper | SUP – Mitsuki


Both of these teams will look to get their first win of the Summer Season, and eStar is the heavy favorite. In their first series, eStar won game 1, but ended up losing 2-1 to LGD Gaming. They play an aggressive, early-game strategy, which means it’s crucial that the first few kills go their way. Fenfen played decent in mid lane, although I think this team has declined significantly without Cryin. If eStar’s strategy is going to work, then Fenfen will need to play even more aggressive.

Dominus Esports got swept by Victory Five in their first series of the Summer Split. This new V5 team has actually looked really impressive and is currently sitting at 1st place in the LPL with a 2-0 record, so that was not as bad of a loss for DMO as it would have been in the Spring Season. Dominus wasn’t on the same page and didn’t really know when to show aggression. Natural did not play well, but it seemed that he was the only one on DMO trying to win at times, so his stat line is a bit misleading.

It was a 2-0 sweep for eStar the last time these teams met back on March 29th, 2020, but this is not the same eStar team. We saw LGD Gaming make adjustments against eStar in terms of their draft and overall strategy, and Dominus should be able to do the same if necessary. I think that a sweep for eStar is less than likely because of the risks that they take, and Dominus should be able to at least force a game 3. There’s just not enough upside for me to bet on eStar as a heavy favorite, especially as a favorite to sweep, so I will like the odds on Dominus Esports +1.5 Map Handicap (-105) [1 UNIT]. I’m expecting a bounce back game for Natural (TOP) so he is my favorite DFS play on Draftkings & Fanduel. I wouldn’t take him as my STAR/CPT, but he is a great pick because he could still do well even if eStar wins.  

Bet: Dominus Esports +1.5 Map Handicap (-105) [1 UNIT]
Favorite DFS Play: Natural (TOP)



Invictus Gaming (0-0) vs. Team WE (1-1) – 7:00AM ET

Moneyline Odds: Invictus Gaming (-210) | Team WE (+165)

Map Handicap: Team WE +1.5 (-185) | Invictus Gaming -1.5 (+140)

Projected Lineups

IG: TOP – TheShy | JNG – Ning| MID – Rookie | ADC – Puff | SUP – Southwind

WE: TOP – Morgan | JNG – beishang | MID – Teacherma | ADC – Jiumeng | SUP – Missing


We’ll get our first look at Invictus Gaming in the Summer Season, and they were not playing well the last time we saw them. IG came in 1st place in the LPL 2020 Spring Season but got bounced in their one and only playoff game against Top Esports. They then got swept 3-0 by FunPlus Phoenix in the 3rd place match-up, which was important because it did have World Championship Points at stake. The Mid-Season Cup (which doesn’t hold much weight in my opinion of any team) was a tournament to forget for Invictus Gaming because they lost all three best-of-ones in the Group Stage. TheShy looked pretty bad in the top lane, and Ning didn’t do much to help. Invictus Gaming will need to figure out their top lane ganks ASAP if they want to get back to winning.

Team WE has a 1-1 record and we’ve seen already that they can look really good at times and really bad at times. They beat EDward Gaming 2-1 to start and then lost to Suning Gaming 2-1. Suning seemed to have them figured out after the first game of that series and beat them easily by limiting their mistakes. Team WE plays an aggressive strategy similar to Invictus Gaming, and they tend to get a lot of kills in a hurry when they play well. If Team WE is going to win, then Morgan will need to win the laning phase against TheShy, and beishang should look to focus top lane to help feed Morgan. I think that they are outmatched in mid lane and bottom lane, so top lane is their best chance of gaining an advantage.

These teams last faced off on April 15th, 2020, when Invictus Gaming won 2-1. Team WE was able to steal game 2 of that series behind a solid performance from the whole team, particularly Morgan as Ornn and Jiumeng as Miss Fortune. They went back to these same champions in the next game, and IG shut them down with ease. Invictus is the better team by far as long as TheShy is not feeding, and I think that Invictus Gaming Moneyline (-210) [1 UNIT] is an excellent bet. I’m staying away from the map handicap because Team WE is always a threat to win a game, but I think that Invictus Gaming should have no problem winning this series. My favorite DFS play is Puff (ADC) and I think he is likely to be the highest scorer on Draftkings & Fanduel. On MonkeyKnifeFight, my favorite prop bet is More – Puff (ADC) – 12.5 Kills & Less – Teacherma (MID) – 11.5 Kills.

Bet: Invictus Gaming Moneyline (-210) [1 UNIT]
Favorite DFS Play: Puff (ADC)
Favorite MKF Prop Bet: More - Puff (ADC) - 12.5 Kills & Less - Teacherma (MID) - 11.5 Kills

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