LPL 2020 Summer Split – Betting & DFS Preview – Saturday June 6th, 2020

Betting Record (1-1, -0.57 units) – LPL 2020 Summer Split

Dominus Esports vs. Victory Five – 5:00AM ET

Royal Never Give Up vs. Oh My God – 7:00AM ET

The second day of action for the LPL Summer Split starts on Saturday with two more best-of-three series to be played. On Friday, Team WE got off to a slow start in their match-up against EDward Gaming, but they played really well as the series went on, and pretty much got carried by their top laner Morgan. Suning Gaming looked like a playoff contender in their win over LNG Esports. I do think that LNG showed some promising signs, but overall, they were very disorganized and their support Iwandy was trying to force fights without having his teammates nearby. I’ve got a good feel for this slate, and I’ll once again provide my betting picks & DFS tips.


Dominus Esports vs. Victory Five – 5:00AM ET

Moneyline Odds: Dominus Esports (-189) | Victory Five (+154)

Map Handicap: Victory Five +1.5 (-195) | Dominus Esports (+160)

Projected Lineups

DMO: TOP – Natural | JNG – Xiaopeng | MID – Twila | ADC – Helper | SUP – Mitsuki

V5: TOP – BiuBiu | JNG – Weiwei | MID – Mole | ADC – SamD | SUP – Ppgod


Well, these rosters look different, particularly for Victory Five. Can you blame V5 for making drastic changes? They were the worst team in the LPL in the Spring Season with an 0-16 series record. They got absolutely stomped by every team that they faced, and they lost 32 of their 33 games played. As a bettor, I loved Victory Five because I was able to fearlessly bet against them over and over again. It will be interesting to see if their new roster can compete at a higher level, but it will likely be difficult to find early success. Also, shoutout to Ppgod, that’s a fantastic name. Dominus Esports also changed things around and will look to improve after finishing 14th in the Spring Season with a 6-10 series record.  Dominus ended the season winning 3 of their last 4, including a 2-0 sweep over Victory Five.

Dominus Esports had no problem against Victory Five back on April 10th, 2020, although the rosters are now much different. I still give a significant edge to Dominus, and I will take Dominus Esports Moneyline (-189) for 1 unit. I’m staying away from the -1.5 map handicap due to some uncertainties on both rosters. It would not shock me to see V5 win 1 game in this series, but anything more than that seems unlikely. Victory Five needs to prove to me that they can win before I consider betting on them. I think that Natural (TOP) will be crucial to the success of Dominus Esports, and he is my favorite play for this series on Draftkings & Fanduel. I won’t have him as my STAR/CPT, but I will include him in many of my Dominus stacks.

Bet: Dominus Esports Moneyline (-189) [1 UNIT]
Favorite DFS Play: Natural (TOP)


Royal Never Give Up vs. Oh My God – 7:00AM ET

Moneyline Odds: Royal Never Give Up (-149) | Oh My God (+119)

Map Handicap: Oh My God +1.5 (-260) | Royal Never Give Up (+200)

Projected Lineups

RNG: TOP – New | JNG – XLB | MID – Xiaohu | ADC – Betty | SUP – Ming

OMG: TOP – Aliez | JNG – H4cker | MID – icon| ADC – SmLz| SUP – cold


Royal Never Give Up limped their way into the Spring Playoffs, so it was no surprise that they were eliminated in the first round against EDward Gaming. They lost 5 of their last 6 series down the stretch, and then EDG beat them 3-1. RNG’s new top laner, New (formerly known as Meow), recently played in the LDL for Legend Esport Gaming. They are also still going with Xiaohu in the mid lane which does not seem optimal, since Cryin is available. Oh My God also has a new top laner, Aliez, who previously played for Victory Five. Adding a player from the worst team in the LPL is nothing to get too excited about for OMG, and I was not overly impressed with Aliez in the Spring Season. Oh My God was unable to earn a spot in the Spring Playoffs with a 7-9 record, which was good enough for 12th place.

These teams last faced off on March 11th, 2020, with Royal Never Give Up taking the series 2-1. RNG definitely looked like the better team at that time, and I think they still have a huge advantage in the bottom lane. They were not playing well the last time we saw them, so I’m not as interested in the -1.5 map handicap for Royal Never Give Up, even though the odds are tempting. I really like Royal Never Give Up Moneyline (-149) for 1 unit. I was expecting RNG to be more heavily favored in this match-up and I am happy to take them at these odds. I am pretty confident that Betty (ADC) will be one of the highest scorers on this slate for DFS, and he is my favorite pick on Draftkings & Fanduel for this series. On MonkeyKnifeFight, my favorite prop bet is More – Betty (ADC) – 13.5 Kills & Less – icon (MID) – 11.5 kills, which has a 3x payout!

Bet: Royal Never Give Up Moneyline (-149) [1 UNIT]
Favorite DFS Play: Betty (ADC)
Favorite MKF Prop Bet: More - Betty (ADC) - 13.5 Kills & Less - icon (MID) - 11.5 kills

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