LPL 2020 Summer Split – Betting & DFS Preview – Friday June 5th, 2020

Team WE vs. EDward Gaming – 5:00AM ET

Suning Gaming vs. LNG Esports – 7:00AM ET


After a strong performance in the Mid-Season Cup, the LPL is quickly back in action for the start of the 2020 Summer Split. This first slate does not feature any of the teams we saw play in the Mid-Season Cup, but the LPL successfully proved that it features some of the best competition in the world, and we are sure to see more exciting action right off the bat. I’ll be keeping track of my betting record for the Summer Season, including at least a 1 unit bet on each series, as well as providing you with my plan of attack for DFS on Draftkings & Fanduel. I will also give you my favorite prop bet on MonkeyKnifeFight. I took 1st place on Fanduel on the most recent slate, which was a nice boost to my bankroll!


Team WE vs. EDward Gaming – 5:00AM ET

Moneyline Odds: EDward Gaming (-165) | Team WE (+135)

Map Handicap: Team WE +1.5 (-232) | EDWard Gaming (+182)

Projected Lineups

WE: TOP – Morgan | JNG – beishang | MID – Teacherma | ADC –  Jiumeng | SUP – Missing

EDG: TOP – Aodi | JNG – JunJia  | MID – Scout  | ADC –  Hope | SUP – Meiko

Will there be an upset to start? It is certainly possible. Team WE looks to carry some momentum after finishing the Spring Season on a high note. They snuck their way into the playoffs as the 8th seed and looked pretty good in an upset over eStar in the 1st round.  Jiumeng absolutely dominated that match-up and Team WE won 3-1. In the Quarterfinals, Team WE came out swinging and took game 1 over Top Esports before falling 3-1. Their game 1 victory was particularly impressive because Knight & JackeyLove both did not die, which is usually a recipe for success for Top Esports. The story is similar for Edward Gaming, who finished the Spring Season in 6th place. EDG played well against Royal Never Give Up in their 1st round playoff series before losing 3-1 to FunPlus Phoenix in the Quarterfinals. FunPlus Phoenix has looked a lot better since this series with Khan now in top lane, but it was still good to see EDward Gaming not get swept.

These teams faced off not too long ago back on April 19th, 2020, and Team WE won 2-1. Aodi was unstoppable as Mordekaiser in the game that EDG won, but Team WE handled them otherwise. I actually give Team WE a slight edge in this match-up here, so I was surprised to see them as the underdog. I think it makes a lot of sense to take Team WE moneyline at plus money, but I am going to start with an easy win and put 1 unit on Team WE +1.5 Map Handicap (-232). These are likely to be close games, and Team WE should have no problem winning at least 1 in this best-of-three series. For DFS, I would prioritize Team WE on Draftkings because they are cheaper than EDward Gaming on that site, and I would target EDward Gaming on Fanduel for the same reason. I lean towards stacking Team WE more frequently, and Jiumeng (ADC) is my favorite DFS play in this match-up.

Bet: Team WE +1.5 Map Handicap (-232) [1 UNIT]
Favorite DFS Play: Jiumeng (ADC)


Suning Gaming vs. LNG Esports – 7:00AM ET

Moneyline Odds: Suning (-188) | LNG Esports (+153)

Map Handicap: LNG Esports (-207) | Suning (+167)

Projected Lineups

SN: TOP – Bin | JNG – SofM | MID – Angel| ADC – huanfeng | SUP – SwordArt

LNG: TOP – chenlun17| JNG – Xx | MID – Maple | ADC – Light | SUP – Iwandy


Is there a chance of an upset in this series? You bet. Suning Gaming finished the Spring Season in 11th place, while LNG Esports finished in 16th place, so neither of these teams made the playoffs. Suning is the favorite here, which means anything could happen because games tend to get pretty sloppy when SN plays. Their wins are usually not pretty, so the opposing team typically has decent fantasy point scoring potential in these spots, even as underdogs. Suning is a team that never seems to have all of their players playing well at the same time. It would not surprise me to see Bin or Angel have a performance in at least one game where they really lose their lane and drag their team down. LNG Esports started the Spring Season looking solid, but a tough schedule at the end made it difficult for them to string together wins. LNG has shown good teamwork and I think they will turn things around a bit during the Summer Split. If they have any chance to win, they will need Maple to be at his best.  

These teams last played on March 24th, 2020, when Suning Gaming secured a 2-1 win. LNG showed promising signs and did not go down easy in game 3. I think the most crucial part of the draft will be for mid lane, and I will be watching that match-up closely. We saw LNG recently get destroyed by Corki against Xiaohu of Royal Never Give Up, so they should avoid letting Angel play as him. I think that LNG Esports has a real chance in this series, and I think that they have value early in the season. I expect LNG to perform better than they did the last time we saw them, and I like taking LNG Esports Moneyline (+153) for 1 unit. The map handicap would obviously be a safer play, but I am confident enough to take the moneyline. It’s certainly not a guaranteed win, but I see tremendous value at these odds. Maple is my favorite DFS play on the slate because I think he is not getting enough attention. LNG Esports is cheaper on both Fanduel & Draftkings, and they are my favorite stack on this slate. Suning Gaming stacks are sure to be popular and that could easily be the winning formula, but I prefer the lower ownership and cheaper options on LNG Esports, so I will stack LNG more often. On MonkeyKnifeFight, my favorite prop bet is MORE – Maple (MID) – 12.5 Kills / LESS – Angel (MID) – 15.5 Kills which has a 3x payout!

Bet: LNG Esports Moneyline (+153) [1 UNIT]
Favorite DFS Play: Maple (MID)
Favorite Prop Bet: MORE - Maple (MID) - 12.5 Kills / LESS - Angel (MID) - 15.5 Kills 

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