LPL 2020 Spring Finals – JD Gaming (JDG) vs. Top Esports (TES) – May 02, 2020 5:00AM ET

Moneyline: JD Gaming -140

Map Handicap: +1.5 Top Esports -190

The Finals of the LPL 2020 Spring Season are here and the two teams competing are worthy opponents. JD Gaming is the hottest team in the world right now after winning 8 series in a row, with the last 7 all being sweeps. Top Esports also has plenty of momentum coming into this match-up having won their last 5 series. Ever since the addition of former Invictus Gaming star JackeyLove (ADC), TES has looked formidable. Neither of these teams has won an LPL season before, so we will see a new champion either way. I originally predicted that FunPlus Phoenix would win it all before the playoffs started, but I am not surprised to see these two teams in this spot with how good they’ve looked as of late. FunPlus Phoenix earned 3rd place with a win over Invictus Gaming on Wednesday.

It’s a bit difficult to feel comfortable betting against either of these teams, since they are both on fire. The starting lineups are as expected, with one key difference: Top Esports has decided to swap out yuyanjia for QiuQiu at Support. I did not anticipate this move by TES, but it won’t have much of an effect on my betting. However, it is key to know for DFS, and I’m sure we will see some lineups with accidental yuyanjia ownership. I’m really leaning Top Esports in this match-up. JackeyLove just brings another dimension to this team and gives them the feel of a team that can win it all. TES has found different ways to win in tough spots these past few weeks and I think they are ready for this challenge. I am having thoughts back to the LPL 2019 Spring Season when JackeyLove helped lead Invictus Gaming to a 3-0 sweep over JD Gaming, and I am hoping this match-up will have a similar result. My favorite bet is to take Top Esports +110 moneyline. I know this won’t be an easy win, but I feel pretty confident in TES, despite how dominant JD Gaming has been.

For fantasy, I definitely prefer stacking TES, especially since more of the public will likely be on JDG. I really like taking QiuQiu (SUP) on Fanduel and Draftkings since he is so cheap after getting the surprise start. This will allow you to pay up for some of the more expensive options of the slate. I’m going to continue to be pretty heavy on JackeyLove (ADC), hoping that he has another monster performance. If you do want exposure to JD Gaming, LokeN (ADC), Yagao (MID), and Kanavi (JNG) are all good options again, but they continue to get priced up so they are a little less appealing now. On MonkeyKnifeFight, my favorite pick is to take MORE – 19.5 Kills JackeyLove and LESS – 17.5 Kills LokeN. I was somewhat surprised to see JackeyLove have a higher kill projection than LokeN, but I still like taking the over for JackeyLove and the under for LokeN. If Top Esports gets the win, then this prop bet should be in great shape, so with a 3x payout I like going big on this bet.


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