LPL 2020 Spring Semifinals – FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) vs. JD Gaming (JDG) – April 27, 2020 5:00AM ET

Moneyline: FunPlus Phoenix -170

Map Handicap: +1.5 JD Gaming -160

We have an exciting match-up here between FunPlus Phoenix & JD Gaming, as both teams are competing for a spot against Top Esports in the Finals. FPX had a relatively easy win over EDward Gaming in their last round match-up, while JD Gaming has had a bye so far after finishing the regular season in second place. On the other side of the LPL 2020 Spring Playoffs, Top Esports was recently able to upset the #1 overall seed, Invictus Gaming, with particularly great performances from Knight (MID) and 369 (TOP).

FunPlus Phoenix was on a hot streak to end the group stage before getting swept against Top Esports in their last match before the playoffs. Top Esports has been playing excellent ever since signing JackeyLove (ADC), and looked really good in their Semifinal match-up against Invictus Gaming, so that match-up was bad timing for FPX.  Doinb (MID) and Lwx (ADC) have done a good job of carrying the load recently, and I suspect they will both probably need at least 12-13 total kills each if FunPlus Phoenix wants to win today.  Those projections may seem high, but both players can easily exceed those totals with the way they’ve been playing lately. FPX is the more talented team in this match-up and is favored to advance to the Finals.

JD Gaming comes into the playoffs on fire after winning their last 7 series of the regular season.  Their weak schedule at the end certainly helped fuel this win streak, but it has still been impressive, especially since the last 6 wins have all been sweeps. They did not lose focus at all and were able to secure the #2 overall seed in playoffs, which gave them a pass to the Semifinals. JDG has been playing really well behind the terrific play of Kanavi (JNG), who was the Regular Season MVP. LvMao (SUP) has also really impressed me all season with some of the plays he regularly makes as Support, and LokeN (ADC) is one of the most underrated players at ADC in my opinion. This team should not be completely overlooked because they can compete at a high level.

My favorite bet for this match-up is to play it safe and take FunPlus Phoenix -170 Moneyline. FPX has pretty significant advantages in top lane with GimGoon and in mid lane with Doinb, and they are just a better team overall. Every match of the playoffs has gone 3-1, but I do think this one has a chance to go all 5 games, so I’d rather not get greedy with the -1.5 map handicap for FunPlus Phoenix. I expect JD Gaming to put up a good fight, but I don’t think they can stop FPX.  I will be stacking FunPlus Phoenix in DFS, and Doinb is my favorite play on Fanduel and Draftkings. I think he will most likely finish with the highest fantasy point total of this match-up. My favorite play on MonkeyKnifeFight is to take MORE- 113.5 Fantasy Points – Doinb and LESS – 101.5 Fantasy Points – Yagao. Doinb is basically a lock for at least 113.5 fantasy points. and I expect Yagao (MID) to really struggle against him in mid lane in this spot. If JD Gaming does push this to 5 games, or even win this match-up, Yagao could surmount this point total, but I like the odds of betting against that scenario.

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