LEC 2020 Summer Split – Betting & DFS Preview – Friday June 19th, 2020

Rogue vs. Team Vitality – 12:00PM

SK Gaming vs. Misfits Gaming – 1:00PM

Schalke 04 vs. G2 Esports – 2:00PM

exceL Esports vs. Origen – 3:00PM

MAD Lions vs. Fnatic – 4:00PM

Betting Record (9-6, -1.50 units) – LEC 2020 Summer Split


It’s time for LEC Week 2, and as we saw last weekend – anything can happen in these best-of-ones. There was plenty of exciting action, including Origen losing to SK Gaming as a (-600) favorite and G2 losing to Team Vitality as a (-650) favorite. I went big on G2 which hurt my bankroll, but I was happy with my picks otherwise. The team that I’m keeping an eye on is Rogue. They’ve been very impressive so far and are now 3-0. I think that are a top-5 team in the LEC, and it will be interesting to see how they do this weekend considering they face G2 on Saturday and Fnatic on Sunday.


Rogue (3-0) vs. Team Vitality (2-1) – 12:00PM

Moneyline Odds: Rogue (-230) | Team Vitality (+170)

Bet: Rogue Moneyline (-230) [2 UNITS]

Why I Like It: Both of these teams do look solid, but Rogue has been playing at such a high level. The potential of this Team Vitality is exciting, so they might be a popular upset pick. However, Rogue is much more talented and should have no problem winning. We saw that Team Vitality really struggled when Fnatic was playing well, and it should be a similar story against Rogue.

DFS Play: Inspired (JNG)

Why I Like It: Inspired is certainly a better jungler than Nji, so Rogue has the advantage there. Inspired has shown us that he has huge fantasy point scoring potential with his ability to rack up assists. He is also a pretty cheap option which makes me like him even more.




SK Gaming (2-1) vs. Misfits Gaming (1-2) – 1:00PM

Moneyline Odds: Misfits Gaming (-170) | SK Gaming (+130)

Bet: Misfits Gaming Moneyline (-170) [1 UNIT]

Why I Like It: This Misfits team actually looks really good despite their 1-2 record. They were extremely close to beating Fnatic and had a nice win over Origen. SK Gaming also managed to beat Origen, and they are greatly improved since the Spring, but I think that Misfits are still much better and will win this game pretty easily. SK Gaming is going to need to get lucky if they want to win.

DFS Play: Kobbe (ADC) 

Why I Like It: Kobbe is one of the cheaper ADC options on the slate and has massive upside. He might not be the absolute highest scorer on the slate, but he is a really safe option for fantasy points. I’m going to have a lot of Kobbe because he is so cheap which will allow me to run some lineups with 2 ADCs.


Schalke 04 (0-3) vs. G2 Esports (1-2) – 2:00PM

Moneyline Odds: G2 (-625) | Schalke 04 (+400)

Bet: G2 Moneyline (-625) [3 UNITS]

Why I Like It: G2 has showed us that they are beatable after starting 1-2. This G2 team might be at risk of losing some more games during the Summer Split, but Schalke 04 is not going to pull the upset here. Perkz was dealing with the unfortunate death of his father last weekend, and it seemed like G2 did not have their heads fully in the game. I think we should see G2 get back to dominating here.  

DFS Play: Caps (MID)

Why I Like It: Caps is my favorite mid laner for DFS on this slate, and I think he is worth spending up for. I’ll have him as my STAR/CPT in some lineups because he should crush in this match-up, which should be an easy G2 win. Caps is so much better than Abbedagge, so he should have his way during the laning phase.



exceL Esports (0-3) vs. Origen (1-2) – 3:00PM

Moneyline Odds: Origen (-333) | exceL Esports (+240)

Bet: Origen Moneyline (-333) [1 UNIT]

Why I Like It: ExceL had a tough schedule to start, but they really didn’t show any promising signs in their first 3 games, besides maybe Kryze looking decent in top lane. Origen also struggled, but they at least looked good at times. I don’t see exceL having much of a chance in this match-up.

DFS Play: Upset (ADC)

Why I Like It: I think Origen’s bottom lane should simply dominate. Upset should be the highest scorer on this team. If you’re stacking Origen in DFS, then you need Upset in your lineup.  




MAD Lions (2-1) vs. Fnatic (3-0) – 4:00PM

Moneyline Odds: Fnatic (-200) | MAD Lions (+160)

Bet: MAD Lions (+160) [1 UNIT]

Why I Like It: This should be an exciting match-up and could easily go either way, so I’m taking MAD Lions as an underdog. Fnatic might be the best team in the LEC right now, but MAD Lions are in the top tier with them. The betting odds are forcing my hand in this one.

DFS Play: Orome (TOP)

Why I Like It: Bwipo has been the weak link for Fnatic, so I think Orome has a good chance to win his lane. He is a cheap option and has some upside even if MAD Lions lose. I think he could absolutely be a viable DFS play.


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