LCS Summer Split – Betting Preview – Sunday June 28th, 2020

Betting Record (17-9, +5.37 units) – LCS 2020 Summer Split

Team SoloMid vs. 100 Thieves – 4:00PM ET

Cloud9 vs. Immortals – 5:00PM ET

FlyQuest vs. Golden Guardians – 6:00PM ET

Evil Geniuses vs. Team Dignitas – 7:00PM ET


Team SoloMid (3-2) vs. 100 Thieves (1-4) – 4:00PM ET

Moneyline Odds: Team SoloMid (-190) | 100 Thieves (+140)

Bet: Team SoloMid (-190) [2 UNITS]

Why I Like It: These odds are kind of a joke. Team SoloMid is coming off an impressive performance and 100 Thieves look hopeless, yet TSM is not that heavy of a favorite. Ssumday is still a great player, although he can only have so much of an impact in the current meta. Meteos and Stunt have been tough to watch lately, and both really need to be replaced. Cody Sun is inconsistent, and Ryoma is decent but still needs to improve a bit. 100 Thieves could find a way to win, but I’m happy to back Team SoloMid at these odds.




Cloud9 (5-0) vs. Immortals (1-4) – 5:00PM ET

Moneyline Odds: Cloud9 (-2000) | Immortals (+750)

Bet: Cloud9 -10.5 Total Kills [1 UNIT]

Why I Like It: Cloud9 is unstoppable and Immortals won’t be the team that gives them a challenge. Immortals did look good on Saturday, but C9 is just so much better. However, the current odds give Cloud9 a win probability of 95.2%, so I don’t see any value betting on them. I’m going to take a shot on their kill total instead, which should cash easily if this is a blowout like I expect. If Cloud9 finishes with at least 11 more kills than Immortals, then we win this bet. Cloud9 has won 3 of their last 4 games by at least 11 kills.



FlyQuest (4-1) vs. Golden Guardians (1-4) – 6:00PM ET

Moneyline Odds: FlyQuest (-275) | Golden Guardians (+195)

Bet: FlyQuest Moneyline (-275) [3 UNITS]

Why I Like It: FlyQuest is the clear #2 team in the LCS in my opinion and it’s nice that we keep getting opportunities to bet on them at reasonable odds. In this match, the odds give them an implied win probability of 73.3%, however I project them winning about 80% of the time. This means that I think there is tremendous value and I will personally be maxing this bet for 3 units. Golden Guardians just haven’t shown me any reason to think that they can compete with the top tier LCS teams.  



Evil Geniuses (3-2) vs. Team Dignitas (0-5) – 7:00PM ET

Moneyline Odds: Evil Geniuses (-500) | Team Dignitas (+325)

Bet: Evil Geniuses Moneyline (-500) [2 UNITS]

Why I Like It: On Saturday, Team Dignitas came close to beating Team Liquid, and Evil Geniuses got stomped by Team SoloMid, but don’t let those results to fool you into thinking that Team Dignitas has a chance in this match. EG has shown some weaknesses, but Jiizuke and Bang are both good enough to carry them against the teams in the bottom half of the LCS. Team Dignitas still has not won a game this split, and they certainly won’t beat Evil Geniuses.  


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