LCS 2020 Summer Split – Betting & DFS Preview – Friday June 19th, 2020

CLG vs. Golden Guardians – 9:00PM ET

Team SoloMid vs. Immortals – 10:00PM ET


Betting Record (6-4, -0.88 units) – LCS 2020 Summer Split



CLG (1-1) vs. Golden Guardians (1-1) – 9:00PM ET

Moneyline Odds: Golden Guardians (-155) | CLG (+115)

Bet: CLG Moneyline (+115) [1 UNIT]

Why I Like It: I think that CLG’s bottom lane should carry them to victory pretty easily. Huhi has looked pretty weak at support so far, and CLG should be able to expose his weaknesses. CLG was really able to turn things around against Immortals after getting steamrolled by Evil Geniuses in their first series. Golden Guardians also looked mediocre against Team Liquid, so I feel more confident betting CLG at this time, especially at underdog odds.

DFS Play: Stixxay (ADC)

Why I Like It: This is a good match-up for Stixxay, and he is my favorite pick to be the highest fantasy point scorer on the slate. Huhi has made some questionable plays recently, which is part of why I think CLG has the bottom lane advantage. Stixxay should thrive.



Team SoloMid (1-1) vs. Immortals (0-2) – 10:00PM ET

Moneyline Odds: Team SoloMid (-240) | Immortals (+180)

Bet: Immortals Moneyline (+180) [1 UNIT]

Why I Like It: Immortals beat TSM both times that they faced off in the Spring Season, and although the rosters have changed slightly, I think we could see a similar result today. Both of those games were extremely close and evenly matched. Team SoloMid has done nothing to really impress so far during the Summer Split, and I couldn’t possibly bet on them as a heavy favorite.

DFS Play: Eika (MID)

Why I Like It: Eika can hold his own in mid lane against Bjergsen during laning phase. He’s a cheap option that will be at low ownership, which makes him very appealing for DFS. I think there is a very real chance of an upset in this spot, and Eika would be crucial for any Immortals stacks.


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