LCK 2020 Summer Promotion – Qualifying Round Betting Preview – April 30, 2020 4:00AM ET

SANDBOX Gaming (SB) vs. Seorabeol Gaming (SRB) – 4:00AM ET April 30, 2020

Moneyline: SANDBOX Gaming -333

Map Handicap: -1.5 SANDBOX Gaming -145


These two teams are facing off for the final spot in the LCK 2020 Summer Season. Team Dynamics has already qualified, while Griffin has been eliminated after suffering back-to-back losses. Since SB and SRB have both played Team Dynamics and Griffin, it is pretty easy to compare their performance so far. Both teams got swept by Team Dynamics, but SANDBOX did sweep Griffin while Seorabeol won that series in 3 games. Against Team Dynamics, neither team looked great, but SANDBOX did put up a little more of a fight, despite their overall lack of organization. Thus, SB has looked better in the past two days, but not by a whole lot.

SANDBOX Gaming is certainly the better team and I think they will win in this spot. However, we did see them struggle against Team Dynamics, so they are definitely vulnerable for an upset. Seorabeol has their back against the wall, and I think we see them step up with a solid performance here. I’m not ready to call the upset, but I really like taking the +1.5 map handicap for Seorabeol Gaming at +115. Don’t get me wrong, an upset is entirely possible, but I just think that the best value is taking the map handicap at plus money. SRB had an impressive season in the CK and they will come out swinging for a chance at qualifying for the LCK.

I’m not playing Fanduel or Draftkings for this one game slate, because I don’t see much value or any good ways to differentiate myself from the public. I have a feeling that this may go to 3 games, so there could be a lot of fantasy points scored in this match. Since SANDBOX is such a heavy favorite, their projections on MonkeyKnifeFight are pretty high, so if you like Seorabeol Gaming at all, you can find some decent value picking against SB. My favorite bet is to take Thal (TOP) +6.5 Total Kills vs. Route (ADC) Total Kills and Summit (TOP) +0.5 Total Kills vs. FATE (MID) Total Kills. We don’t have starting lineups yet, so hopefully all of these players start so that this bet does not get cancelled. Route played extremely well in SANDBOX’s win over Griffin, but it will be difficult for him to get 7 more kills than Thal. Route is likely to finish with the highest kill total in this match, but I think Thal will be not too far behind, even in a tough loss for SRB. We’ve seen FATE play somewhat passive lately, which has resulted in low kill totals and low death totals, so I think it makes a lot of sense to take Summit as well, especially since you get the +0.5 kill advantage.

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