LCK 2020 Summer Promotion – Betting Preview April 29, 2020

Seorabeol Gaming vs. Team Dynamics – 4:00AM ET April 29, 2020

Griffin vs. SANDBOX Gaming – 7:00AM ET April 29, 2020

The first two matches of the LCK Summer Promos did not go as expected, as both of the underdogs won. I had a pretty good feeling that Seorabeol Gaming was going to win their match, but seeing Team Dynamics dominate was an eye-opener for me. I will discuss my favorite bets for these 2 games, as well as my plan for attacking this DFS slate.


Seorabeol Gaming (SRB) vs. Team Dynamics (TD) – 4:00AM ET April 29, 2020

Moneyline: Seorabeol Gaming -140

Map Handicap: +1.5 Team Dynamics -270

As I mentioned, both of these teams are in good shape after winning their first match. Team Dynamics started the most recent slate with an easy sweep against SANDBOX Gaming. TD looked good, but SANDBOX Gaming seemed to be pretty disorganized, so this win came without much of a challenge. The next match-up on the last slate was a little more interesting. Griffin won the 1st game with a 15-3 kill advantage, and it looked for a moment like they would sweep. However, Seorabeol Gaming did not give up and were able to win the next 2 hard-fought matches. Despite their early struggles, I thought SRB played excellent and I still strongly believe they will earn a spot in the LCK 2020 Summer Season. My favorite play for this match-up is to take Seorabeol Gaming -140 moneyline, because I am very confident that they will find a way to win again. This team has been playing at a high level for a long time. Team Dynamics could go on to qualify for an LCK spot as well, but I think they take the loss here. I’m not going to touch the map handicap because I don’t love the odds of a sweep in this best-of-3 series. For DFS, I will mainly be stacking SRB, and I will continue to rely on Sangyoon (ADC). I think Sangyoon has good potential to be the highest scoring player on this slate, so as the 3rd most expensive ADC in this spot, he looks like an amazing play.

Griffin (GRF) vs. SANDBOX Gaming (SB) – 7:00AM ET April 29, 2020

Moneyline: SANDBOX Gaming -125

Map Handicap: +1.5 Griffin -300

This is a double elimination bracket, so both of these teams are fighting for their life in this exciting match-up. I’m a little surprised to see SANDBOX Gaming as the favorite here after their recent performance, albeit only by a small margin. I came into this tournament thinking that SB was the best team of the 4, but I’m not so sure about that now. SANDBOX Gaming did not show any promising signs in their most recent match, and they looked like a team that did not care about winning. Griffin also lost their first series of the Summer Promos, but they at least looked like a winning team for the first game and also drew the tougher match-up having to face Seorabeol Gaming. I still think SB can turn things around quickly, but I couldn’t possibly bet them to win as a favorite after what I saw from them last time. I do really like the +1.5 map handicap at -300 for Griffin. The odds are a bit steep, but it would be shocking to see SANDBOX Gaming sweep here. With both teams dueling to stay alive, I think Griffin will fight hard and at least be able to pull out 1 win. I don’t feel strongly enough about either side to stack them heavily in DFS, but I will lean towards stacking Griffin more often. We might not get to see the starting lineup before lock, but Ucal (MID) played so well in the first round that I feel confident putting him in several of my lineups. He should get the start again and will most likely be good value in DFS if Griffin wins, at a price of $9,100 on Fanduel and $7,200 on Draftkings. The projections seem a little low for SB on MonkeyKnifeFight, and I think GRF will outperform their projections, so I like taking MORE – 8.5 Kills – Viper (ADC) and MORE – 6.5 Kills – Route (ADC). If this happens to go to 3 games, these totals will probably go over, and the totals can definitely still go over even in a sweep.


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