Fnatic vs. G2 Esports – LEC 2020 Spring Final – Betting Preview April 19, 2020

Fnatic (FNC) vs. G2 Esports (G2) – LEC 2020 Spring Final – 11:00AM ET April 19, 2020

Moneyline Odds: G2 Esports -110                                                                                    Map Handicap: +1.5 Fnatic -230

The championship match of the LEC 2020 Spring Season is here, and the two teams competing come as no surprise. Fnatic finished the season in 2nd place with a record of 13-5, while G2 Esports finished in 1st place with a 15-3 record. Both teams have had really great seasons, and competing in the Finals is something they have come to expect over the years. Fnatic has won the most times in LEC history, with 7 Finals wins. G2 Esports will hope to even that stat up in this match-up, as they have the 2nd most Finals wins with 6 total so far. It’s been almost 2 years since Fnatic has won it all, while G2 has recent wins in the Spring and Summer 2019 Seasons. 

This best-of-5 series could really go either way, and I’d be surprised to see either team sweep. G2 has been playing excellent all season, and it has felt like they would win it all pretty much the entire time, so I will ride with them all the way. However, I don’t expect this to be easy for them, and this series will probably go at least 4 games. Fnatic would need to win at least 2 games to cover the map handicap in this format. I think they could force a game 5, or maybe even win the whole thing, but at -230 odds, I don’t love their chances. I’m not going to get greedy and take G2 -1.5 map handicap at +170 odds, but I will absolutely take them moneyline at -110. I was expecting G2 to be bigger favorites in this match-up, so getting them at near even money seems like a great bet to me. 

From a fantasy perspective, this match-up could produce some massive point totals. I lean towards stacking G2 Esports in this spot, but Fnatic’s players are priced a little cheaper, so they are probably worth taking some shots on in a match-up that they could possibly win. Caps (ADC) is pretty expensive at $10,500 on Fanduel, so I like Perks (MID) a lot more at $9,100. Over on Draftkings, the best value play I see is Jankos (JNG) at only $6,800. My favorite pick on MonkeyKnifeFight is on their More or Less Fantasy Points contest. I really like taking Caps (ADC) – MORE – 145.5 Fantasy Points and Rekkles (ADC) – MORE 126.5 Fantasy Points. These two dueling ADC players have both been playing really well, and I expect that level of play to continue here. The player on the winning team should easily be able to exceed their fantasy point projection, while the player on the losing team still has a chance to exceed their projection as well if this stays close. Caps and Rekkles rarely disappoint in DFS, and are usually the highest fantasy point scorer on their respective teams, so they both have a lot of potential. If this series goes to 4 or 5 games, then this prop bet should be in pretty good shape.


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