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As many of you know, without sports there is a huge void in our lives, especially if you’re someone who gambles on sports for another income. For those of you who are looking for some action or maybe just something to watch, I Introduce too you CSGO. CSGO is one of a few e-sports options to gamble on but its personally my favorite. I also happen to find it the most entertaining to watch. Quarantine has given me plenty of time to get a grasp on how CSGO is played. Games are played around the clock in a number of different leagues including the EPL pro league, ESEA season and flashpoint. Below is a brief rundown of the basics to every game and what you need to know about betting on CSGO.

° Matches played in a best of 3 map series. Finals can be best of 5.

° Maps are chosen by teams playing. Each team bans a map, picks one map from the remaining 5, then each ban another. The map left over becomes the tie breaker map.

° Teams play as terrorists (attackers) and counter-terrorists (defenders). Sides swap after 15 rounds.

° First team to win 16 rounds wins the map. Overtime is played if both teams win 15 rounds. 

° First round of each half everybody starts with pistols and earn money by getting kills and winning the round. At the start of every other round players have the ability to purchase guns with money earned. If you survive a round, you spawn next round with the gun you had in the previous round.

To gamble on CSGO you are able to pick a side based on the moneyline odds or a team +-1.5 maps. You can also bet on the total number of maps played at over or under 2.5 maps. Certain sites also let you bet on the winner of specific maps, sometimes with a handicap on rounds.

I’ll be posting my favorite plays over the next couple weeks to help those of us suffering from sports deprivation get by, fade or follow! Best of luck!

 – Miner

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