European Masters 2020 Spring – Semifinals Betting Preview – May 09, 2020


K1CK Neosurf vs. Movistar Riders – 3:00PM ET

It’s time for the Semifinals of the EU Masters, and the Polish Ultraliga is looking great with 2 teams remaining. The Ultraliga has clearly proven itself as one of the best European Regional Leagues, and if AGO ROGUE or K1CK Neosurf can win the Finals, then the Ultraliga will be cemented as the top ERL. Underdogs have pretty much dominated the EU Masters so far, and the final four teams have some impressive wins under their belt.  I only went 1-3 on my Quarterfinals picks after backing some of the favorites such as mousesports and GamersOrigin, but I have a pretty good feel for how the rest of this tournament should play out. With a spot in the Finals at stake, all teams are sure to be competing at a high level.


Moneyline: AGO ROGUE -143

Map Handicap: +1.5 LDLC -270


LDLC OL had an easy sweep over BT Excel in the Quarterfinals, but they might struggle in this spot. AGO ROGUE severely outplayed mousesports last round and was able to sweep as well. Both teams had particularly strong performances in the Quarterfinals from their mid laners – Vetheo (MID) for LDLC OL and Czekolad (MID) for AGO ROGUE. These teams met in Group B, where LDLC OL won the 1st game, lost the 2nd game, then won the tiebreaker. I do think that LDLC OL has a great bottom lane duo with Hades (ADC) and YellOwStar (SUP), but Hades was playing out of his mind when these teams first met, and I expect him to cool off a bit.

At this point in the tournament, every team is hot, so you have to pick against a team with momentum. I’ve been extremely impressed with the way that this AGO ROGUE team has played recently, and I think they have the ability to beat LDLC OL here, so my favorite bet is AGO ROGUE -143 moneyline. This team just won the Ultraliga Season 3 Playoffs, and the Ultraliga has now proved that it is the real deal. I would lean towards LDLC +1.5 for the map handicap because I expect this to probably go 3 games, but I’m going to stick with just taking AGO ROGUE to win outright. AGO ROGUE is more expensive on Draftkings, but LDLC OL is more expensive on Fanduel, so it makes a lot of sense to target LDLC OL on Draftkings, AGO Rogue on Fanduel. I’m going to have exposure to both of these teams in DFS, but I will be heavier on AGO ROGUE. My favorite play on Draftkings is to take Hades (ADC) at only $7,000 as the cheapest ADC option, and my favorite play on Fanduel is to take Woolite (ADC) at only $9,600 as the cheapest ADC option on that site.

K1CK Neosurf vs. Movistar Riders – 3:00PM ET

Moneyline: Movistar Riders -130

Map Handicap: +1.5 K1CK Neosurf -294


K1CK Neosurf has been winning games with urgency. Their aggressive playstyle has been tough to beat which has helped them to exceed the expectations many people had for them coming into the European Masters. I thought GamersOrigin did a poor job drafting in the Quarterfinals, including letting K1CK Neosurf have Zoe for 2 games. Regardless, K1CK Neosurf looked like a very solid team, especially their top laner iBo (TOP), who had an absolutely dominant performance. Their opponent, Movistar Riders, seemed to kick things up a notch after winning the tiebreaker in the Group Stage. They were also able to win 2 in a row after dropping their 1st game to Fnatic Rising last round. Their strategy was pretty much to focus xMatty (ADC) which worked really well. Thus, I expect them to target Puki Style (ADC) pretty heavily in this match-up. Puki Style’s ability to remain in fights could be key to K1CK Neosurf winning. These teams faced off in Group C, with K1CK Neosurf taking the 1st game, followed by Movistar Riders taking the 2nd game and the tiebreaker.

I really think that K1CK Neosurf can beat anybody right now, and I am going to pick them to win here. They will look to strike early and put some pressure on Movistar Riders, which puts them in the driver’s seat. At the very least K1CK Neosurf’s overwhelming strategy should win them at least 1 game, so I love the +1.5 map handicap for K1CK Neosurf -294. I think moneyline is a good bet with K1CK Neosurf as an underdog, but this map handicap seems like too much of a lock to even think about betting anything else. I think that this could be a good match-up to stack both sides in fantasy, but I think K1CK Neosurf has the highest upside in DFS. My favorite play is to take iBo (TOP) at $6,000 on Draftkings and $8,300 on Fanduel. He looked so good in top lane last time out, and I think he can run it up against beansu (TOP). Draftkings has Movistar Riders as the more expensive team, while Fanduel has K1CK Neosurf as most expensive. This means that it is a better idea to stack more of K1CK Neosurf on Draftkings and stack more of Movistar Riders on Fanduel. My favorite play on MonkeyKnifeFight is to take MORE – Xico (MID) – 8.5 Kills and MORE – Shlatan (JNG) – 16.5 Assists. We should see plenty of action with these teams, so I like taking both of these overs in this spot. If this goes to 3 games, then this prop bet should be in great shape.

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