European Masters 2020 Spring – Knockout Stage Quarterfinals Betting Preview – May 06, 2020

Fnatic Rising vs. Movistar Riders – 12:00PM ET

K1CK Neosurf vs. GamersOrigin – 3:00PM ET

The first two matches of the Quarterfinals weren’t a complete disaster for me, but they didn’t go exactly as I had hoped. I was able to win some money on an easy sweep for LDLC OL, but unfortunately I was heavier on mousesports who got severely outplayed. For this slate, I have some picks I really like, as well as a general strategy for Fanduel and Draftkings.

Fnatic Rising vs. Movistar Riders – 12:00PM ET

Moneyline: Movistar Riders -115

Map Handicap: +1.5 Fnatic Rising -320


Fnatic Rising is a team that can easily win the Finals, but they will have their hands full here against Movistar Riders. For the Spring 2020 Season, Fnatic Rising came in 2nd place in the UKLC, while Movistar Riders was the 3rd place team in the LVP SLO. For the Group Stage of the European Masters, Fnatic Rising finished 2nd in Group D with a 4-2 record, while Movistar Riders took 1st in Group C in a tiebreaker with a 4-2 record. Both teams have some momentum coming into this match, but Movistar Riders might have more of it coming off the tiebreaker. We just saw fellow UKLC team BT Excel get stomped by LKLC OL, but I still have faith that Fnatic Rising can get a W. We’ve seen that it is difficult to advance in this tournament with some of the top teams getting eliminated earlier than expected, but I think that Fnatic Rising can absolutely make a run. My favorite play for this match-up is to take Fnatic Rising moneyline -105. I think they are simply a better team, and I have confidence backing them in this spot. I’d feel pretty comfortable with the +1.5 map handicap, but those odds are a bit too steep for my liking.

For DFS, I am definitely going to be stacking a lot of Fnatic Rising, but I will mix in some Movistar Riders as well. My favorite play is Dan (JNG) at $7,000 on Draftkings, and $8,400 on Fanduel. He is the most expensive Jungler on Draftkings, but the 3rd most expensive Jungler on Fanduel, so I really like taking him on Fanduel. Dan consistently had amazing performances in the UKLC Spring 2020 Season, and he is really strong at his position, so I would look for him to have a big game if Fnatic Rising were to win this.

K1CK Neosurf vs. GamersOrigin – 3:00PM ET

Moneyline: GamersOrigin -200

Map Handicap: +1.5 K1CK Neosurf -205


After winning Group A with a 4-2 record, GamersOrigin is the betting favorite to win this match-up. K1CK Neosurf took 2nd place in Group C in a tiebreaker with a 4-2 record in the Group Stage. GamersOrigin looked very impressive when they recently won the LFL 2020 Spring Playoffs, while K1CK Neosurf came in 2nd place for the Ultraliga Season 3 Playoffs. These are two strong teams facing off here, but I can’t pick against GamersOrigin. Ever since GamersOrigin swept LDLC OL 3-0 in the LFL 2020 Spring Playoffs, I’ve had my eye on them. I think this could be a close match, but I am taking GamersOrigin -200 moneyline because I think this team will continue to find a way to win. I don’t love taking the map handicap, because I think K1CK Neosurf could certainly force a game 3, but I am confident that GamersOrigin advances to the Semifinals in this spot.

I am going to be pretty heavy on stacking GamersOrigin, and I will come close to completely fading K1CK Neosurf. Everybody on GamersOrigin is pretty expensive for DFS, but I think you will need at least a couple of these players in your lineup to have a chance at winning. I’ll be running a few different combinations, but my favorite play is toucouille (MID) at $7,200 on Draftkings and $8,800 on Fanduel. He has a very high ceiling, and he is a little cheaper than paying up for XDSMILEY (ADC).  I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these guys though. My favorite play on MonkeyKnifeFight is to take MORE – toucouille (MID) – 65.5 Fantasy Points and LESS – Puki Style (ADC) – 64.5 Fantasy Points. I think that this prop bet is highly likely to cash if GamersOrigin wins, especially if it is a 2-0 sweep. Puki Style is the cheapest ADC option on this slate, and I just don’t see him being able to rack up a high point total in this tough match-up. At a 2.5x payout, I think this bet is a no brainer.  


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