European Masters 2020 Spring – Finals Betting Preview – May 10, 2020

The Ultraliga was able to send one team to the Finals of the European Masters, as K1CK Neosurf will face off against LDLC OL of the LFL. The Semifinals were very kind to me, and I was able to take 1st place on Fanduel! I stacked a lot of K1CK Neosurf, which worked out really well as they swept Movistar Riders. It was a little harder to stack LDLC OL because they were all so expensive. I knew I couldn’t put Hades at MVP, because I wouldn’t have enough to pay up for 2 ADCs, but I definitely wanted him in some of my lineups with how dominant he has been. Unfortunately, the top prize got split several ways, but hopefully we can have another big day with this one game slate!



K1CK Neosurf vs. LDLC OL – 12:00PM ET

Moneyline: LDLC OL -160

Map Handicap: +1.5 K1CK Neosurf -165

For K1CK Neosurf, it’s been the same story since they started in the Play-In Stage. They have been using an extremely aggressive playstyle to take early leads and put pressure on their opponents. In the Semifinals, they once again looked unstoppable and they were able to completely shutdown Movistar Riders in a 2-0 sweep. Shlatan (JNG) led the charge and played really well as Lee Sin, and we saw another amazing performance from iBo (TOP). K1CK Neosurf has so many weapons, that Puki Style (ADC) hasn’t even been the main target for opposing teams. On the other side, LDLC OL has been a well-oiled machine, and looked great against AGO ROGUE. They did drop the first game, but they had no problem in games 2 and 3. Their bottom lane combo of Hades (ADC) and YellOwStaR (SUP) has been tough to slow down, but K1CK Neosurf will need to find a way to get to Hades if they want to beat LDLC OL. TynX (JNG) played as well as I have ever seen him play in the Semifinals as Graves, so LDLC OL will hope that he can keep it up this level of play.

I’m betting this match-up the same way I bet K1CK Neosurf for the Semifinals. I think that K1CK’s aggression will overwhelm LDLC OL. With the way that K1CK Neosurf has been playing, I think they can beat anybody as long as they have a decent draft. My pick to win it all is K1CK Neosurf, but I think the best bet is to take the +1.5 map handicap at -165. This won’t be easy for K1CK Neosurf, but winning at least 2 games seems like a guarantee, so I love taking the map handicap. I’ll be sprinkling the moneyline as well. I’m going to stick with iBo (TOP) as my favorite play in DFS. He has been so locked in and I think he can win this top lane match-up against Bando (TOP). We saw him rack up kills as Aatrox in the Quarterfinals, and he has played at a high level with a few other champions. On MonkeyKnifeFight, my favorite play is to take MORE – 39.5 Assists – Raxxo (SUP) and LESS – 18.5 Kills – TynX (JNG). If K1CK is able to beat LDLC OL, then Raxxo should easily be able to get at least 40 assists, and this kill total will be difficult for TynX to exceed if his team is losing. If this does go 5 games, then TynX might hit the over even in a loss, but I still like this prop bet a lot because I am so confident in K1CK Neosurf.





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