DreamHack Summer Open

     We’re finally back! After what felt like forever, the top tier teams of Counter Strike are competing again. Some of the teams are still on break until the start of ESL One in about a week, but DreamHack is providing us with some games to make money on in the mean time. DreamHack Summer starts Saturday morning and will conclude on Sunday, August 16th. I’ll be providing us with betting angles for the European and North American regions, but will be staying away from the Oceania region.

     As many of you know, I was providing betting angles for every match in all of the major events prior to the break. I’ll be doing things a little bit differently this time around. I’ll only be providing previews for the plays that I love and am willing to bet on my own. Some days that will be the whole slate, and other days it may be nothing. I’m making this change in hopes to maximize profits for those of you who tail my picks. Betting on CSGO can be extremely profitable, but it’s hard to sustain if you’re making a bet for all of the matches. I’m also going to start keeping a running record of my all time CSGO plays from this point forward. In order to stay transparent, I will post some of my previous event records below, and you can always look back through old blogs to see how I was doing!

  • Blast Premiere Spring Finals: 16-13 (+4.69u) 
  • Summit6: 18-17 (+6.25u)
  • DreamHack Spring Playoffs Record: 10-8 (+0.86u) 
  • DreamHack Spring Group Record: 23-21 (+3.02u)
  • Blast Premiere Playoff Record: 6-7-1 (-0.92u)
  • Blast Premiere Group Play Record: 7-8-2 (-3.59u)

      One last thing before we dive into the opening day slate. If there is a match that I do not cover on here, please feel welcome to DM me on twitter if you want my take! (Twitter.com/MoneyMiner_)

BiG (-1000) vs EndPoint (+500) – 7:00am EST 

     Well we’re getting started with one of the most lopsided matches in the opening round. BiG comes in to this match as the #1 ranked team in the world after dominating the online Counter Strike world over the past couple months. They are rightfully favored, but there’s no way I would ever lay that much juice, especially considering its BiG’s first game after the break. Endpoint has played in one competitive match since the break, where they lost 2-0 to LDLC, so it won’t be surprising for both of these teams to be a little rusty.

      Endpoint is the lower ranked team, so they should have the first map pick and ban. They’ll get things started by banning Nuke. BiG will follow that up by removing Train. Endpoint will use their first pick on either Vertigo or Inferno. Vertigo is a map they chose often, but picking Inferno would force BiG to play on a map that they had a four game losing streak on prior to the break. BiG will use their first pick on Dust2 since Nuke is off the board. Endpoint will use their second ban on Mirage. This will allow BiG to chose between Overpass or Vertigo/Inferno as the final map pick. I would imagine they pick Overpass.

     This map pool shapes up in favor of Endpoint. They have the ability to force BiG to play Inferno and Endpoint’s first ban takes away BiG’s secondary first pick, Nuke. This should force BiG to use their first pick on Dust2, which is Endpoints most comfortable map. This isn’t enough of a reason to back Endpoint money line. They’re definitely a tier below BiG, but I do see a lot of value on Endpoint +1.5 (+215). Considering this is the first game for BiG after break, I expect them to be a little bit rusty (super bowl hangover??). That mixed with the fact that the map pool slightly favors Endpoint, I think a play on Endpoint to win at least a map is warranted. Endpoint should be competitive on each of the first two maps. Betting the over is also a viable option at +240.

Miner’s Money Pick: Endpoint +1.5 (+215)

Team Liquid (-650) vs Ze Pug Godz (+400) – 1:00pm EST

     Team Liquid and Ze Pug Godz will open up play for the North American region. The bookmakers also see this as a very lopsided match up, as they’ve made Liquid a huge favorite. I believe the line is more warranted than the odds for BiG. Liquid recently parted ways with Nitr0 and brought in Grim from Triumph. Grim gives them another teammate that can do it all and I expect to see positive impact from him. Ze Pug Godz are playing above their regular tier level, so this competition will be a great way to measure where they’re at in the Counter Strike world. If they want to make a name for themself, this is a great place to start.

     ZPG will most likely use their first ban on Vertigo and Liquid will use theirs on Train. ZPG should chose Inferno for their map pick, but may audible to Nuke. Liquid’s map pick is a little harder to predict. It will depend where they’re most comfortable with Grim. Before the break they were picking Mirage and Dust2 to be their first map pick most often. I would expect to see them stick to that. ZPG should use their second ban on whichever of the two maps Liquid doesn’t pick. This will force Liquid to chose between Inferno/Nuke or Overpass for the tie breaking map.

     I’ll be backing Liquid to win 2-0 for this matchup. I don’t think the map pool does any favors for Ze Pug Godz. Liquid is well versed on both Inferno and Nuke. They should also win the map they pick. Unlike some other teams, I don’t think we will see much rust for Liquid. I would imagine they’ve been putting in hours to practice playing with Grim. Liquid was already a tier above ZPG, with the addition of Grim I think that gap widens even further. Grim is also somebody who will make an immediate impact with his fragging abilities.

Miner’s Money Pick: Liquid -1.5 (-150) 

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