CSGO Primetime April 3, 2020

CSGO April 3rd

ESL Pro League: Mousesports(-118) vs. G2(-112) | Total 2.5 (-120/+100)

This is by far the best matchup of the day in the CSGO world. We have the #3 ranked team, G2, squaring off against the #4 ranked Mousesports. Each of these teams are also part of the 3-way tie for the top spot in their grouping. The loser of this game may not move on from the group stage. Oh and I almost forgot to mention, teams earn $5,000 per win in this stage of the tournament. Both of these teams will be strongly motivated to win this game.

G2 and Mousesports both come into this game winning 3 of their last 4 matchups. Each team lost to OG while beating Faze, Tyloo, and Virtus.Pro. Mousesports was able to steal a map against OG while G2 lost 2-0. I think it’s fair to say that each of these teams are coming into this game in good form. 

  • Over the past 3 months, Mousesports has a perfect 100% win percentage while playing on Mirage. In that span G2 has won at a 60% clip. Mousesports would also have a big advantage playing at Dust2 where they have managed to win 88% of their games over the same time span. G2 has gone 7-7 at Dust2 over the same span.
  • Over the past 3 months, G2 has a perfect record while playing on Inferno while Mousesports has only won 60% of the time. G2 will also have an advantage playing at Nuke where they have won at a 83% clip compared to the 40% of Mousesports.

This matchup is going to be an absolute TILT and should provide those of you working from home with some much needed background entertainment.  The skill gap between these two teams is definitely too close for me to feel comfortable picking a side. I don’t see either of these teams getting blown out in such a meaningful matchup.

Miner’s Money Pick: Over 2.5 Maps (-120)

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