Cloud9 vs. FlyQuest – LCS Spring Final 2020 – Betting Preview April 19, 2020

Cloud9 (C9) vs. FlyQuest (FQ) – LCS 2020 Spring Final – 4:00PM ET April 19, 2020

Moneyline Odds: Cloud9 -1667                                                                                              Map Handicap: -2.5 Cloud9 -120

It is time for the 2020 Spring Final of the North American LoL League – the LCS. Cloud9 is a heavy favorite as expected, since they have been dominating for a while now. C9 finished the season in 1st place, with a record of 17-1. Their lone loss came against Team SoloMid (9-9, 5th place) back on March 7th. Their Finals opponent, FlyQuest, comes as a bit of a surprise, after finishing in 4th place with a 10-8 record. FQ has had a good, but not great season, but perhaps they are getting hot at the right time. In the last round of the playoffs, they defeated Evil Geniuses (10-8, 2nd place) in a promising 3-1 victory, and they have been playing very well lately.

There is absolutely no chance that Cloud9 blows this, because they are simply on a different level than the rest of the LCS. They are so good that an upset is near impossible. But with that being said, FlyQuest has been in excellent form lately, and they can’t be overlooked completely. C9 is such a heavy favorite, that the moneyline odds are not even worth looking at, unless you’re crazy enough to take FlyQuest as the outright winner. Personally, I am not crazy enough to light that money on fire, but to each their own. I do think the map handicap is interesting in this best-of-5 format. With a -2.5 map handicap, Cloud9 will need to sweep to cover the spread. At -120 odds, it is essentially an even money bet for them to sweep the Finals, which just shows how elite of a team they are. From what I watched of FlyQuest in the last round against Evil Geniuses, I really do think they could put up a fight. However, I’m just not very confident that FQ will win even a single game against such an outstanding team like C9, so I can’t put my money on them. Let’s put our money on the team that is clearly the best in the LCS, and take the -2.5 map handicap for Cloud9. If they do slip up and let FlyQuest win a game, we will lose this bet, but if Cloud9 is locked in then this thing could easily be over in 3 quick games. 

On MonkeyKnifeFight, I like betting on the C9 players to exceed their fantasy point totals, and for the FQ players to fail to do so. If you do think that FlyQuest will win a game or 2, then you can get pretty good value on the FlyQuest players point totals, as their projections are pretty low. My favorite contest is the featured More or Less Kills contest for Blaber (JNG) and PowerOfEvil (MID). Blaber just won the MVP award for the LCS 2020 Spring Season, and has been on fire for Cloud9. I think he will easily exceed his kill projection, so I like taking MORE – 15.5 Kills – Blaber (JNG). PowerOfEvil has also had a great season for FlyQuest, but he has a tough match-up in mid lane against Nisqy. I think his kill projection can easily go under, especially in the event of a 3-0 sweep for Cloud9. Thus, I really like taking LESS – 12.5 Kills – PowerOfEvil (MID) as well.


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