Blast Premiere Spring Finals – June 17, 2020

     We are out to a scorching hot start for the Blast Premiere Spring Finals. Theres another good slate on Wednesday, so we’ll be looking for our third straight profitable day. We’ll get the day started with two European matches and finish with an American heavyweight. On Monday, we finished the day 3-1 and followed that up with a 4-1 day on Tuesday. We’re cashing most of the live spots as well, so be sure to follow my twitter @MoneyMiner_ to see when those specific map plays are confirmed. Tuesday started off with a bang, cashing on NaVi -1.5 at +20) as well as NaVi money line live. We followed that up by hitting Complexity money line, as well as them to win on Nuke. We closed out the day with a tough loss backing Furia against MiBR. Even with the loss, we finished the day up 4.9 units! We’ll be carrying that momentum in to todays slate.

Blast Premiere Spring Finals Record: 7-2 (+6.27u)

G2 (-160) vs Ence (+130) – 10:30am EST

     G2 and Ence open up the lower bracket play for the Blast Premiere finals. Each of these teams suffered a loss on Monday in the opening round of the upper bracket. G2 came out extremely slow on the first map against Vitality, before going on to lose the second map in overtime. Ence was competitive against FaZe for the first couple of maps, but ended up getting blown out on the tie breaker. I expect each of these teams to use their day off to focus and prepare for this match, as neither will want to be bounced in the opening stages of this event.

     Ence will begin shaping the map pool by banning Vertigo. Vertigo is a strong map for G2, so this is a convenient auto ban. G2 will then use their first ban on Overpass. Ence will use their first pick on Train. They’ve been able to find consistent success on Train, while G2 tends to struggle. G2 is just 1-3 on Train over the past three months. G2 should continue to use Dust2 as their first map pick, even though they are just 6-11 there in the past three months. Their only other option would be to pick Mirage, but both maps are strong for Ence. Ence should use their second ban on Nuke, which will force G2 to pick between Inferno or Dust2/Mirage. I would imagine we see Dust2 and Mirage as the second and third map.

     G2 has turned around their form since they sputtered at Road to Rio. They were extremely close to winning the DreamHack Grand Final, but failed to get over the line on the 5th map against BiG. It seems like the boot camp they set up has been paying off, but I think this will be an extremely tough match up for them. They’re at a huge disadvantage on Train, and the remaining maps are pretty evenly split. Ence has been looking better since Road to Rio as well. The addition of Jamppi adds another layer to their team. G2 should use their day off to reset and refocus for this match, but I think the map pool disadvantage will be too much for them to overcome. I will be playing the Ence money line at +130 as I see a ton of value with what should be a one map advantage. I’ll also be playing Ence to win map 1 at +105 as soon as Train is confirmed as their pick.

Miner’s Money Pick: Ence (+130) & Ence win map 1 (+105) *if map is Train*


Ninjas in Pyjamas (-220) vs OG (+180) – 2:00pm EST

     NiP and OG will finish off the first round of the lower bracket in this match. The winner will move on to play the loser of FaZe/Vitality, while the loser will be bounced from the Blast Premiere Finals. NiP found themself in the lower bracket after suffering a loss to NaVi. They played well, but the map pool hurt their chances of finding a win. OG ended up in the lower bracket after losing to Complexity in a three map series. They were competitive, but Complexity’s edge on Nuke was too much for them to overcome.

     OG will begin shaping the map pool by taking Vertigo off of the board. NiP will then use their first ban on Dust2. OG should use their first pick on Mirage, but it won’t offer them too much of an advantage as NiP has looked great there lately. NiP will most likely go back to their default map pick of Overpass. OG is just 2-3 on Overpass over the past three months so NiP should have a good edge with their map choice. OG will most likely take Nuke off of the board, which will force NiP to pick between Inferno or Train for the deciding map. NiP is comfortable on both maps, so the team should pick whichever they’re more comfortable on.

     I think we have two teams in opposite form going to battle in this one. NiP has been trending in the right direction, even when they lose, since the roster change from Lekro to Hampus. OG is trending in the opposite direction. They haven’t played a ton of Counter Strike lately and its showing as they continue to lose matches. They enter this one on a three series losing streak, but Complexity is the only team they should be losing to in that stretch. The losses to HaVu and ForZe are somewhat unacceptable, especially when you’re taking a step up in class to compete at the Blast Premiere Finals. I think that OG will be bounced from the event without finding a win. I want to avoid the juice on NiP, so I’ll be backing them -1.5 at plus money. They have a good chance to steal OG’s map pick and should win their pick of Overpass. If OG come out and win the first map, I will most likely play NiP money line live going in to map two, so make sure you’re following my twitter to see the play posted! I’ll also be using NiP money line in a two team parlay with Liquid money line. the parlay pays out +115 which creates value on the two heavy favorites. *Update* If NiP lose opening pistol and following eco on their map pick, I will be playing their money line live as long as its Vertigo or Overpass.

Miner’s Money Picks: NiP -1.5 (+150) & NiP/Liquid ML Parlay (+120)

Liquid (-190) vs Evil Geniuses (+155) – 5:30pm EST

     The second American upper bracket semi takes place on Wednesday with the winner moving on to take on MiBR. Liquid and Evil Geniuses both enter this semi with questionable form. Both of these teams have struggled since the switch to online counterstrike. Evil Geniuses are just 4-7 in best of three series since the start of Road to Rio. Similarly, Liquid is just 8-8 in the same time frame. Both of these teams are playing far under expectations. This will be the first time these two meet since slumping, but Liquid tallied up six map wins and only one loss against EG at ESL Pro League. 

Evil Geniuses will begin shaping the map pool by banning Overpass. Liquid will follow this up by using their ban on Train. EG should use Nuke as their first map pick. Each of these teams are just over .500 on Nuke across the last three months. Liquid will use their first pick on either Mirage or Dust2. Evil Geniuses have struggled on Dust2 lately, so that could be more of a punish pick for Liquid, but I wouldn’t consider either maps easy for them. EG will then use their first ban on either Vertigo or Dust2 if it’s still in the map pool. This will leave liquid with the choice between playing Inferno or Dust2/Vertigo for the tie breaker. I imagine they pass on Inferno, as EG struggles on their other two choices.

     I don’t really feel comfortable backing either of the teams at these prices. Like I said, they are both playing terribly. Liquid went on a run to get to the finals of DreamHack, but their lack of consistency is keeping me off of their money line. I think the over at +115 has the best value. The over has cashed in 7 of Evil Geniuses last 10 best of three series. They always seem to end up on a third map in their losses and usually are good to blow a map in their wins. They aren’t a bad team, but their overall play has been inconsistent. Sort of like Liquid. I don’t see either of these teams finding a 2-0 win. I think Liquid gets it done in the end as they should have an advantage on the third map. I’ll be using their money line as a parlay piece with NiP money line. The two teamer pays out +115.

Miner’s Money Pick: Total maps o2.5 (+115) & Liquid/NiP ML Parlay (+120)

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