And The Winner Of The 2K Tournament Is…

The semifinals came down to 4 players: Devin Booker & Montrezl Harrell on one side, and Patrick Beverley & Deandre Ayton on the other side. The semifinals and championship were both best-of-3 series, meaning that you would need 2 victories to advance to the championship, and 2 more wins in the championship to win it all. 


#5 Devin Booker vs. #8 Montrezl Harrell

In the first game, Booker chose to play as the Los Angeles Clippers and Harrell chose the Houston Rockets. I do think that Devin got in Montrezl’s head a little bit by choosing his real life team – not that Booker necessarily used that as motivation. But I do like psychological warfare and this was a good choice by Booker in my opinion. Not only did Booker play as the Clippers, but he seemed to play as 2K Harrell an excessive amount. Between throwing down dunks and playing lockdown defense, Booker put on a show with 2K Harrell. He was relaxed and in control the entire game and was even playing with his dog during timeouts. Game One Final Score: Booker 66 – Harrell 54

In game two, Booker chose the Toronto Raptors and Harrell played as the Milwaukee Bucks. Both of these picks made a lot of sense. For Booker, he knew he was most likely headed to the finals, so he might as well save the top teams. For Harrell, he had nothing to lose so he might as well play as his best team available. This game was really close and Harrell had a big game with Giannis. The Bucks had the ball with 20 seconds in the 4th quarter, down 62-60. But instead of getting a shot off, Fred VanVleet forced a turnover and stole the ball from Antetokounmpo. Game Two Final Score: Booker 65 – Harrell 62

#14 Patrick Beverley vs. #10 Deandre Ayton

For the first game on this side of the bracket, Beverley chose the Boston Celtics and Ayton chose the Brooklyn Nets. This was a bit of a cocky pick from Beverley. There is no need to use the Celtics in this short of a tournament. They are a good team, but not much of a 2K team. This game was an intense battle with both players giving it their all. I have been #TeamPatBev and put in a bet for him to win the whole tournament, so I was not excited to see him choose the Celtics, and I was even less excited to see things shake out Ayton’s way in the end here. Game One Final Score: Ayton 75 – Beverley 69

In game two, Ayton chose to play as his real life team, the Phoenix Suns and Beverley chose the Denver Nuggets. The Suns are obviously not a top 2K team, but I respect Ayton showing his team love. For Beverley, he could have chosen a better team with his life on the line. The Nuggets are decent, but c’mon man, think of your investors before you choose a mediocre team. The Suns showed up from the 3-Point line and Ayton was draining 3s with everybody, including his 2K self. Beverley was not able to slow down the shooting, and Ayton ended my chance at winning any money. Game Two Final Score: Ayton 87 – Beverley 74


#5 Devin Booker vs. #10 Deandre Ayton

For the Championship, Phoenix Suns teammates Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton faced off. Booker has pretty much looked like the best 2K player all tournament, but I was a little bit surprised to see Ayton end up here. Ayton deserved his spot just as much as Booker, but his victories were all pretty close games for the most part. Meanwhile, Devin was dominating while seeming like he was barely even trying. Booker chose to play as the Houston Rockets and Ayton went with the Los Angeles Lakers. Ayton was playing some of the best defense we’ve seen against Booker, but Devin was scoring 3s all game long. This game stayed close the entire time, but once again Booker rose to the occasion and brought himself within one win of the championship. Championship Game One Final Score: Booker 72 – Ayton 62

For the second game, Booker played as the Denver Nuggets and Ayton chose the Milwaukee Bucks. This match-up reminds of the one from the semifinals, where Harrell also chose the Bucks in an elimination game. Booker could’ve picked a better team, but he was clearly not concerned. At this point in the tournament, it was pretty clear that Booker was the better player, and this game was basically over before it started. The scoreboard never got too messy, but Ayton never really has a chance to win this one. Devin Booker won in only two games in a well-deserved victory. Championship Game Two Final Score: Booker 74 – Ayton 62

I definitely would’ve been betting heavy on Booker for this tournament, since he looked so dominant from the jump. However, I probably also would’ve lost more money on Beverley, since I at least thought he would get past Ayton. So I guess we can call it a wash haha. Booker really impressed me with his 2K knowledge and ability. He won $100,000 for charity, and it has also been suggested that 2K Devin Booker may deserve a rating boost as a prize. He honestly deserves a higher rating anyway, since he is only an 86 overall. All in all, this tournament was a lot of fun to watch. I wish they didn’t take away betting on this thing from us, but this tournament was a good piece of content for something that was scrapped together quickly.


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